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Ghosts and Goblins (standard:other, 521 words)
Author: kendall thomas Added: Oct 14 2001Views/Reads: 2057/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Halloween tale.

Ghosts and Goblins by Will 

The group of children met by the gate of the old cemetery as they did
every year on Halloween.  It was the spookiest place they could think 
of, especially with the dry leaves crunching under foot and a pale moon 
rising sfumato with a blood-red ominousness beyond the bare branches of 
Miller’s woods. 

Tommy Mix was the first to arrive dressed in a vampire outfit with a
red-lined cape, hair fixed in a widow’s peak and long fangs protruding 
from his lips; then, within a few minutes, the rest of the “Night 
Marauders”-- as they liked to call themselves -- began to arrive.  
There was Betty Stevens in her witch’s outfit, the wide-brimmed, 
high-peaked hat giving height to her short stature.  She carried a 
gnarly-handled broom that she had made herself from Hawthorn and 
heather.  Chubby Billy Blight arrived dressed as Darth Vader and lanky 
Ronny Sneed came as The Mummy.  And, finally, brother and sister, Tad 
and Mary Shanks arrived, completing the group.  Tad was dressed as a 
werewolf with a head so oversized it was more comical than scary and a 
tail that wagged from side to side as he walked.  Mary was a 
snaggle-toothed hag with scraggily, gray hair, her thin body draped in 
a ragged, burlap gown and on her feet, floppy, oversized shoes. 

“Together again.  Forever again.  Friends forever.  Forever again,” they
cried out in camaraderie. 

They started out, hopping and skipping happily down the tree-lined
streets with their paper bags, knocking on doors and hustling candies 
and assorted goodies like little beggars with an attitude, laughing 
when none of the adults recognized them.    And on into the night they 
went, ravaging and pillaging like little indiscriminate warriors, 
whooping and hollering, laughing gleefully, running, shouting out their 
youthful joy. 

And then ... far too soon, it seemed, the moon had risen high into the
sky.  The lights on porches slowly began to fade out one by one.  The 
streets became empty, echoless corridors, as other little ghosts and 
goblins retired for the night, back to their warm beds and glowing TV 
screens to munch on their ill-gotten gains. 

Soon, too soon, the Night Marauders found themselves alone.  A soft
breeze rustled the leaves.  Long, silvery clouds moved across the sky.  
The air became chilly.  There was the far off bark of a dog. 

“That’s Rover,” Tommy murmured.  The youthful joy was gone from his
voice now. 

Betty touched his arm. 

“It’s all right,” she said softly. 

“Better get going,” Ronny said, hefting his bag of candy, but with a
lack of enthusiasm. 

With a final, lingering look down the empty streets, the little group of
comrades trudged back to the cemetery. 

They hesitated at the gate, then in unison shouted:  “Together again. 
Forever again.  Friends forever.  Forever again.” 

“Later, dudes,” Ronny said, shuffling off into the darkness. 

Little by little they separated, each going his or her way. 

Leaves scraped over the concrete walk in front of the gate. A mild
drizzle began to fall, and, within the cemetery, six bags of candy, 
resting on top of six graves, grew soggy. 


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