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Final chapter (standard:fantasy, 343 words)
Author: SantuAdded: Oct 19 2001Views/Reads: 1922/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the begining of the end game.(do me the honor of sending some feed back)


Two Thousand of the human years have passed since God himself walked
among the humans. Two thousand years have passed since the Son taught 
man about his Father and died a mortal death for the sins of his 

Only two thousands years. 

Yet the teachings and the sacrifices of the Son are slowly turning into
a myth, story or legend and no more. How fickle can memory of man be? 
Or perhaps the blame lies on the gift made by God only to man, Free 

The years that have passed since the child-God walked mortal ground,
earth have been the killing fields of the ultimate battle of good vs. 
evil. At first all sides fought a in the guise of a holy war in the 
name of the Lord. Men were scared back then. They dared not defy or 
deny the creator. Except..... except in the dark recesses of their 

But now...... 

Now the arrogance of man has allowed him to shed the skins of sheep. The
self-proclaimed masters bask in their own glory. They stand in awe of 
themselves and the brilliance of their creations. They stand ready to 
challenge the Creator himself. Every face bears the markings of what 
was once pure but no more. Of what was once His but no more. The war 
has consumed from within the innocence that gave birth to humans. It 
has made the heart that once pumped blood turn to poison. It has made 
the mind truly the devils play ground. 

Unknowingly everyone cries to the heavens for deliverance. The crying of
children for a way out of the living hell which once was paradise. 

Those cries are heard, but by whom? 

The beginning of the new millennia brings forth new day for the killing
fields. Another day for the battle that has been fought for ages. 

The mother cries... 

il messaggero è venuto....... il messaggero è venuto....... 

The silence of the night is shattered by the toll of the bells ringing
in a gostly melody. 

il messaggero è venuto........ 


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