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Memiors (standard:other, 669 words) [2/9] show all parts
Author: I Am His NameAdded: Sep 25 2000Views/Reads: 1944/4Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One kid realizes that his generation is being run by a pop culture lifestyle. This is his journal. (Updated Almost Daily) Comments Welcome!

Thursday, September 7, 2000 

ďIím not even supposed to be here today!Ē Dante, Clerks 

I go to school and I see a lot of new faces. That girl near me, Sarah,
probably from some other school just like mine, sneaks a look at me. 
She doesnít know I know, but I do. I wouldnít want her anyway, sheís 
not who I want. I got to school when my mom drove me. I had to wake up 
at 6:30, take a shower, get dressed and eat. When I got to school, I 
had to wait outside for about 20 minutes. Since I got there early. Like 
I said as I started, I see a lot of new faces. People Iíve never known, 
girls Iíve never had the pleasure to look at, seniors, security guards, 
teachers. All new faces to me. 

I also saw some of my friends in my classes, sadly, not really many good
friends. Maybe just Marcus, Jake, and Chris. That will change this 
year. This year, I will have many friends. I will get a girlfriend, a 
steady one. I will get good grades. I will work hard. I walked into the 
school and it was more crowded than during the orientation. I went to 
my class. It was pretty hard finding it; the school hallways are like 
oversized mazes, confusing and ever-changing paths. 

I go to Spanish... I go to Lunch... I go to English... The Bus. 

The classes were like a ticking time bomb for me, every minute I was
closer to detonation. Every bell, I was closer to being free. At the 
beginning of every class, I had to sign little cards for attendance. 
After that, we got to talking, I talked to some people Iíve never met. 
The people I meet at school, most of them, we have our time together, 
we see a movie or two, we hang out, we study, but thatís all. After 
that, I have to meet new people. I left 5th period lunch, hoping that 
disgusting ham wrap I ate goes down without any questions. I went into 
gym and they laid down the rules. 

Rule one, you can only wear school colors during gym. 

Rule two, only rubber soled sneakers. 

Rule three, only school regulation locks. 

After gym, I went to the computer room, then math class. These classes
were easy to find since they were right above and under each other. I 
saw some more of those pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside type 
girls. They were chatting with those guys that did not deserve those 
good looks. Why is it, that appearance dictates behavior? It seems to 
me, that anybody that wears a lot of make-up, has big breasts, or has a 
good ass, gets low grades for the reason that they think they have good 
enough looks to get by. And they do. And the people who work hard in 
school only get noticed as a Ďbrainí. When will they realize that they 
are not special? When will they realize that they are not cool? 
Probably never. 

School was almost over and I had all of my homework assignments in my
book... the final bell rang and I left the classroom. I took out my 
sunglasses and put them on, I walked out of the school and saw my 
friend John waiting outside, I offered that he come on my bus to get 
home and he decided against it. He said tomorrow. I walked to the bus 
and it was overflowing with seniors and freshmenís. I saw some pretty 
women that were actually smart, not rare, since women are usually more 
mature than girls. They seemed intelligent anyway, although they were 
probably seniors. I also noticed that when a pretty girl (The stupid, 
attracted-to-back-street-boy-type-guy kind) turns into a young women 
(Freshmen to Seniors) they sometimes mature, sometimes not. They seem 
smarter, more adult, and more realistic. As my last sentence, Iím 
trying to come up with something thought provoking, but I canít. 


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