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The Struggle (standard:poetry, 101 words)
Author: JMAdded: Nov 05 2001Views/Reads: 1997/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I wrote this for English a couple of years ago and my teacher told me I had a pessimistic view... wonder what she'd say now?

The struggle of war 

The shout of the soldier 

The report of the guns 

The screams of the wounded 

The boom of the cannon 

The blast of the bomb 

The crash of the glass 

In the homes of the people 

The march of the diggers 

Defending their lives 


The church bell rings 

As the whole world cheers 

The end of the war! 

The end of the tears 

The people are happy 

The screaming is gone 

But the joy of harmony 

Doesn't last long 

A new war begins 

Through the mist and the rain 

And the struggle begins 

All over again.


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