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Golden Child: Chapter One (standard:other, 5428 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: SareUpdated: Nov 12 2001Views/Reads: 2158/1515Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The first chapter of my as-yet-unfinished novel. The story of a mysteriously talented young artist and her troubled life.

“Eva!  Eva!  Time for breakfast!”  Kendall sighed as she set the plate
of toast on the table and headed for her sister’s room.  “Eva?” 

“Yeah...  I’m coming...” 

Kendall stuck her head through the doorway of Eva’s room and smiled at
her.  “What’s up?  Everything okay?” 

Eva frowned, frustrated.  “No.  I can’t get my other sock on,” she
whined.  “Can you help me?” 

“What do you say?” 


“Sure.”  Kendall helped her sister to tug on her left sock,
straightening the toes of the right sock as she did so.  “There you go. 
Now go on into the kitchen and eat your toast, okay?” 

“Yup.  Thanks, Kendall!” 

“You’re welcome, hun.  Go on, I’ll tidy up in here.” 


Kendall watched as her sister walked down the hallway towards the
kitchen, and heard her greeting Jill, the housekeeper, as she came in 
the front door.  Kendall called out her own hello and began moving 
about Eva’s room, picking up her discarded pajamas and folding them, 
tucking them under the pillow.  She tugged the hem of the bedspread to 
straighten it out, and grinned as she noticed that Eva had tucked her 
teddy bear into her recently vacated spot, its arms above the 
bedspread, its legs below.  She headed back out to the kitchen, tucking 
her short brown hair behind her ears as she walked, her gray eyes 
scanning the hallway for a misaligned painting, a crooked rug, anything 
out of place. 

Entering the kitchen, she asked Eva, “How do you want me to do your hair
for school today?” 

“I’m not going to school today.”  Eva pretended to be very absorbed in
her toast. 

Kendall exchanged glances with Jill, who stood at the sink.  “Why not?” 

“I don’t want to.” 

Kendall sighed.  “Why don’t you want to, Eva?” 

“Because I just don’t.” 

Kendall felt the first smidgens of irritation, but fought to control
them.  “Well, can you tell me why?  If I know the reason why you don’t 
want to go, maybe I can make it easier for you.”  And she added to 
herself: “Eight-year-olds!!” 

“I want to stay home, that’s all.  I’m tired of going to school every

“Well, what would you do if you stayed home?” 

“I would talk to Jill and play with her.” 

“Jill has work to do, though.” 

“I’ll help her.” 

Kendall sighed and looked at Jill.  Jill shrugged.  Kendall turned to
face Eva.  “Have you asked Jill if that would be okay?” 

Eva nodded, then shook her head no.  “Jill?” she asked, obviously trying
not to whine, “Can I stay home with you today?  Please?  Pretty please? 
 I promise to be good and not get in the way and I’ll help you with 
your housework.  Please?” 

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