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Manhattan mangler Chapter 2 (standard:horror, 1267 words)
Author: Demon SlayerAdded: Sep 25 2000Views/Reads: 2494/1384Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
continuation of the life of a serial killer

Chapter 2 

Today, Harold's luck took a turn for the better.  Harold was wandering
down an alley and he noticed 2 black men fighting outside of a nice 
blue bmw.  One of the men pulled a gun and shot the other, before the 
man fell, he also pulled a 9 mm from his pants and began shooting.  
Both men fell to the ground beside the car.  Harold carefully walked 
towards the car, and kicked at each man.  They were definitely dead.  
Harold peeked inside of the car, and he noticed a large briefcase.  He 
grabbed the briefcase, and began to walk off.  Harold noticed another 
briefcase on the ground by one of the men.  He grabbed this one also. 

Harold quickly scurried towards his house.  He opened his bedroom window
from the outside, and tossed both of the brief cases into his room.  He 
then walked towards the front door.  Mrs. Jackson was sitting in the 
living room on the couch.  "Oh, hi Harold"  she said with a large 
smile.  "Hi, Mrs. Jackson"  Harold replied.  He quickly ran towards his 
room.  "I'm really tired, and am going to take a nap" he told her.  
"Ok, sleep good, honey"  she said.  "I will wake you when it's dinner 
time"  she added.  "Ok, that's great"  Harold said smiling at her.  
Harold entered his bedroom and quickly locked the door.  He got a 
screwdriver from his dresser drawer and began prying on the locked 
briefcase.  He finally opened the first one. 

To Harold's surprise, it was filled with 100 dollar bills.  There were
bundles and bundles of them.  Harold began counting the money, and it 
took him quite a while, and after counting it twice, he came up with 
the same figure. "$250,000.00!!!" Harold said to himself excitedly.  He 
excited began to fumble with the second briefcase, and soon had it 
open.  It was filled with plastic bags of white powder and rocks.  
Harold quickly realized this was cocaine.  He knew very little about 
drugs, but realized this was a large amount of cocaine. 

"This could come in handy"  he thought to himself.  Harold opened one of
the large bags, and scooped up a large amount of the cocaine with his 
pocket knife.  Harold quickly snorted the powder into his nose. 

Harold found the numbing sensation rather pleasant, and the feeling in
his head quite enjoyable.  He lay back on his bed, playing with the 
money and snorting more of the cocaine.  Harold was soon very wasted, 
and found himself rather horny.  He thought about jacking off, but he 
wondered if Mrs. Jackson would be more than happy to oblige him in some 
sexual fulfillment.  He quickly left his room, and slipped up behind 
her.  He slid his hands inside of her robe, and began to caress her 
large breasts.  She softly moaned, and began to rub her ass against 
him.  Harold quickly undressed her, and slipped inside of her. 

Mrs. Jackson squealed with delight as Harold made love to her.  Mrs.
JJackson climaxed intensely, over and over as Harold made love to her.  
Harold climaxed as well, sending the woman into a wild passion.  Harold 
withdrew from her, and pulled her to him.  He placed his mouth over 
hers, and they shared a very passionate kiss.  Harold felt a stirring 
in his heart, that he had never felt before.  "I wonder if this could 
be love?"  he thought to himself.  Mrs. Jackson slipped her robe back 
on, and asked him if he was hungry.  Harold replied that he was.  Mrs. 
Jackson made them a couple of sandwiches, and they ate, and flirted 
with each other. > >After lunch, Harold decided to go to his room.  He 
pulled the large bag of cocaine from the briefcase, and snorted more of 
the fine white powder.  His head was spinning, and he laid on his bed, 
and turned on his television.  The newscaster was talking about a 
double murder in an alley today, that was most probably drug related.  
Harold looked at the two briefcases, and smiled.  "Of course it was 
drug related"  he laughed to himself.  Harold decided to go for a walk, 
and he tossed his backpack on his shoulder, and quickly scurried from 
the house.  It was only 1pm, but looked much later, the storm clouds 
lingered overhead, making it a dull, dreary day. 

Harold walked towards the seedy part of town, the one with the adult
theaters, and strip clubs.  He saw a large neon sign that said "XXX 
movies"  and entered the shop.  "You have to buy tokens to see the 
movies"  the clerk told him.  The clerk was a dingy, dirty looking man. 
 His teeth were yellowed, and he smelled.  Harold bought $5.oo worth of 
the tokens, and headed towards the back of the store.  He went through 
a curtain and slid into one of the little rooms.  He put the tokens in 
the machine, and began to watch his first XXX movie.  It really turned 

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