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Carrie's Faries (standard:fairy tales, 1336 words)
Author: E J WoodallAdded: Nov 17 2001Views/Reads: 2446/1484Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is about a young girl called Carrie, who lives on a farm with her parents.However,Carrie's parents do not have much money and their farm is slowly deteriorating. Carrie meets some faries at the bottom of the hills and they help the farm.

There was a girl called Carrie and she had beautiful, long curly hair
the colour of autumn leaves. Carrie lived on a large organic farm with 
her mother and father. She did not have any brothers or sisters, but 
had lots of chickens, sheep, horses and cows to play with. And of 
course, she had two cats named Mufty and Tufty who always curled up at 
the end of her bed. In fact you could say that Carrie was very happy. 

However, all was not well on the farm and Carries mother and father were
struggling with the farm. The tomatoes were not ripening and the 
chickens were not laying their eggs. The fields desperately needed 
digging and new crop planted, but the tractors were old and rusty, and 
Carries father could not afford to buy new machines. They simply did 
not have enough money. 

This concerned little Carrie and she used to escape to the end of the
hay fields and think to herself about how she could help her anguished 
parents. Day after day, things progressively got worse and Carrie began 
to talk to the fairies that lived in the burrows, underneath the straws 
of hay. It was on a hazy Sunday afternoon when Carrie met them. She was 
sitting upon a large stone that positioned her body perfectly and was 
talking to herself about the problems on the farm when she heard a 
small whisper that sounded like a leaf dropping. The fairies were 
talking to her! There were three of them and they were all about three 
inches long and they all had long silvery blond hair. Their faces were 
golden from the summer sun and they had pink cheeks and scarlet red 
lips. Tiny sunflowers were entangled delicately in their hair and 
dewdrops hung from their long pointy ears. Carrie thought they were 
beautiful and wanted to pick them up in her tiny hands. 

Carrie spent all afternoon with the fairies but as the sun started to
fall, her mother called her in for bed. That night Carrie dreamt of 
nothing but fairies. They were dancing on the end of her bed and 
blowing bubbles that when popped, sparkle dust billowed out and created 
a sheet of shimmering gold. They were climbing a rainbow up to the 
clouds and started to sing tranquil songs of unicorns and dragons. They 
told her that they lived in the Enchanted Forest just behind the hay 
fields and that they had heard her pleas to help the farm. They 
whispered in unison that they were Earth Faeries and that they helped 
people in times of desperate need. Carrie was amazed and saw one of the 
fairies jump over her bed to the window. It proceeded to climb the 
blind, pulling on the cord as it gently skimmed the top window ledge. 
It sat on the ledge and called out to the other two to join her. Then 
they were all up there looking down upon Carrie with her red hair 
flaming in the sparkling dust. Carrie did not feel scared at all, 
rather she felt at peace with the gentle whispering noise they made. 
She did not know if she was dreaming of the fairies or if they were 
really there, with her, in her room! She attempted to open her eyes 
properly and as she did so she heard the wind turn in a different 
direction and the fairies had disappeared from sight. So she was 
dreaming! But then as she turned over to return to slumberland, she 
noticed that the blind was up and the window was ever so slightly open. 
The moon was a crescent and glowing in all its glory. Then, she saw 
three miniscule figures perching on the corner of it. Their hands were 
raised and it seemed that they were waving to the small child and 
blowing kisses. From their hands omitted more bubbles. They floated 
down towards her and got smaller and smaller and smaller. Carrie fell 
into a deep sleep. 

The next morning, Carrie awoke to the sounds of blackbirds singing to
her. The sun was as bright as it had ever been and the sky was a 
perfect blue with no clouds at all. She sat upright in her bed and 
gasped aloud at what she saw on her bed covers. There were dozens and 
dozens of tiny sunflowers. They smelt divine and Carrie remembered her 
dream. Did it really happen? 

She then heard screams of joy rising from the kitchen below. It was her
parents. She clambered out of bed and ran down the stone stairs to the 
large kitchen where she saw her parents hugging. They pointed outside 
to the farm. Carrie stood on a stool and peered out into the yard. What 
she saw next surprised her more than anything she had ever witnessed. 
Chasing after her parents into the farm, she saw chickens scampering 
across their pen, dodging around immense amounts of eggs. Her parents 
picked up the eggs and scrutinized them. They each had huge grins on 
their faces and Carrie could feel warmth rising up from her stomach. 
Seeing her parents happy filled little Carrie with so much overwhelming 

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