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Love At First Sight (standard:romance, 1280 words)
Author: ZoeAdded: Nov 22 2001Views/Reads: 2127/1316Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The TRUE story of my first encounter with my present boyfriend and best friend, R.B. (luv ya baby) Only the first chapter,but more to follow very soon when I finish writing it!

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completely blown off after a few phone calls. 

“Uh. You know who that is?” I muttered to Bree, “Take another look at
the one on the far left.” 

She looked again. 

“Oh!” she laughed indiscreetly, “Ha ha ha ha ha!” We left soon after

“Oh, sometimes I just hate being single,” I whinged, “stupid guys trying
to pick you up, getting pissed with your bloody friends all the 
time......I mean, I love you guys, but......,” 

“I understand, no need for explanation.” said Bree accordingly. 

The time was pressing on, so we began heading towards the station to
catch the bus home. Felicity and Bree chatted most of the way, but I 
stayed quiet. The topic of singledom had not yet left my mind, and I 
found myself weakly commiserating myself. “How stupid.” I thought when 
I actually realised what I was pitying myself about, “ I must 

My thoughts became suddenly interrupted. 

Walking towards me was a guy. A tall, sexy guy I had never seen before.
My eyes affixed on him and refused to withdraw. I was conscious of my 
rudeness, but it did not especially bother me, nor did it seem to 
trouble him. In fact, I think he ceased to notice my glaring, his 
manner so independent and unconcerned. 

His long, lean body was slightly tanned from the recent sun-drenched
weather. It was also clearly visible, as he wore a loose, white Bonds 
singlet. His dark blue, baggy jeans hung low around his small hips, and 
more strikingly, an array of deep scarlet dreadlocks covered his head, 
at length to his cheekbones. I could not take my eyes off him, and as 
he drew closer I could see even more of his enticing, prominent 
features. I tried to compose my pathetic display, looking directly at 
the ground as he came to pass me. 

But when he drew close, for some reason, I did something completely out
of character. I lifted my eyes and looked directly into his, and, to my 
surprise, he was doing the same. A pair of dazzling green eyes stared 
back at me, though it felt he was looking straight through me as if I 
was nothing but glass. 

I felt my heart skip a beat. 

In the last split second of our encounter, I  accomplished a small smile
which, to my anguish, was not returned. He walked past me and was gone. 
I sighed to myself, reeling through my memory, trying to recall if I 
had ever come upon him before. “I would have remembered such a person,” 
I thought, unaware that I had actually said it out loud. Bree looked at 
me perplexed. 

“What person?” She questioned. 

“Oh, nothing.” I replied. 

“Your nuts.” she declared. I pictured the dreadlocked guy in my head
again with his big, green eyes and smiled. Then I pictured his rather 
dirty look and sulked. “Maybe I am.” I replied with some honesty, 
turning around and looking behind me, in miraculous hope that he would 
turn around and smile at me. 

He didn’t. He continued walking, a skateboard under his left arm and a
drink in his right, probably thinking about what a dickhead I was, and 
off to laugh about it with his beautiful girlfriend. 

I boarded the bus and offered for the two other girls to sit together,
taking the seat behind them, alone, to brood over the thoughts of my 
beautiful, dreadlocked, mystery man who had stolen my heart with one 

When we got off at our stop, Bree and I walked for a while to McDonald’s
to buy jumbo cups of coffee. 

“You’re very quiet.” she said concerned as she sipped from her oversized
cup, “Are you ok? I haven’t heard one peep out of you since we left 

“Oh, no – I’m fine” I said no entirely truthfully. “It’s just.....” 

“What?” she said, looking at me directly. 

“Well...” I said carefully, “I think I may have experienced love at
first sight.” 


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