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Love At First Sight (standard:romance, 1280 words)
Author: ZoeAdded: Nov 22 2001Views/Reads: 2158/1341Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The TRUE story of my first encounter with my present boyfriend and best friend, R.B. (luv ya baby) Only the first chapter,but more to follow very soon when I finish writing it!

this morning.............. 

I watch him sleep soundly in the dampened light, shadowed by heavy
curtains. I know he that is dreaming by the way a slight, delicate 
smile illumes his face, accenting the thin, smile-etched creases beside 
his mouth. His chest seems to effortlessly rise and fall with each 
breath, quiet and reposed with little sign of disturbance. 

I don’t want to wake him, this divine individual, but the thought of
seeing him looking back at me is alluring. He parts his lips gently and 
breathes silently through his mouth, still undisturbed by my heavy 
stare. I watch pensively in awe, wondering why I had been the fortunate 
one to capture his affection. 

I run my fingertips delicately along his eyelashes and over his lips. He
does not awaken until I lean over quietly and kiss him softly on the 
edge of his mouth. Slowly, the large lids of his deep-set eyes lift, 
revealing a pair of dazzling green eyes. Without hesitation, an instant 
sense of recognition warms his face and a smile appears. He stretches 
happily, pulling me down and enfolding me in his arms. 

* * * * * 

Love At First Sight -By Zoe 

A hot December afternoon. After dropping and an entire custard tart on
the floor of the public bus, I hastily fled the scene with my two 
friends, obtaining several disapproving looks on the way. We laughed as 
the bus pulled away, an irritated old woman mouthing nasty remarks 
through the window. 

“Hey, it was an accident!” laughed Bree sarcastically. 

I struggled with my school tie as we walked along the busy street. The
heat, in itself, was frustrating and induced much irritation. To add to 
things, Felicity strikes up a conversation about my ex-boyfriend, 
causing me to snap back at her. 

“Could you not?” I said rudely, instantly regretting my tone. 

I felt the awkward pause in conversation edging me to apologise, but I
didn’t. I just accepted that for the rest of the day Felicity wouln’t 
talk to me, which I covertly didn’t mind on that specific afternoon. It 
was hot. Besides, more talking meant more energy and less concentration 
on shopping. 

A decisive plan indeed. 

Bree decided she was dehydrated and stopped us at a café to buy a drink.
Felicity and I waited outside, acting as if we were preoccupied so we 
didn’t have to talk to each other. Beside me was a little toddler, 
dangerously wielding a large pink ice cream. When Bree finally came out 
and we turned to leave, I smiled at him. He sweetly smiled back for a 
moment, then planted the entire cone into my thigh, giggling as it 
dripped down my school dress. 

“Thanks kid,” I said politely as we walked away, “just what I needed.” 

After half a dozen shops and around $80, I decided my spending was over.
The three of us walked slothfully along the footpath, sitting down at 
the nearest bench. A group of guys, maybe 6 or 7, were standing 
adjacent to us. I felt Bree’s acute elbow jabbing me in the ribs. I 
tried to ignore it because I knew exactly what she was going to say. 

“Zoe, those guys are talking about you.” she said, to my surprise. I had
expected a comment on some hot talent she had noticed. 

“Huh?” I replied with confusion. 

“When we walked by, I noticed one of them looking at you, then he said
something to the others and now they’re all looking.” 

I tried inconspicuously to glance at them without the obviousness they
had displayed. After quite a period of uncertainty, I finally clicked. 
It was that guy I had stupidly given my number to at a party, then 

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