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Revenge (standard:humor, 2331 words)
Author: MelazarAdded: Nov 27 2001Views/Reads: 2298/1507Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You plan and plan and plan, and it all comes down to a single roll of the dice!

It’d been one of those days for Bobby Lee, all he needed to roll on his
shiny new, professionally crafted, ‘you gotta get these, guaranteed 
state of the art, game winning, matching black and white, skulls for 
snake eyes dice, which by the way, was the fourth set in three weekend 
gaming sessions, was anything but a one.  Five chances in six, 
eighty-three percent, piece of cake, a gimmie, walk in the park, sure 
to win, just a formality.  You got the idea, right? 

Well, what are the odds that he could roll snake eyes five straight
times?  A gazillion to one?  Probably more, but who cares right?  Bobby 
Lee had this battle won and he knew it.  He’d have to roll snakes five 
straight times!  He was finally gonna beat the gamer’s worst nightmare, 
Randy the Death Dealer.  Randy hadn’t lost in three years, five if you 
didn’t count the time his Death Skull Orcs fought without weapons to a 

Bobby Lee had spent months setting up this very battle.  He had
researched little known weapons, some he just plain made up!  Then he 
added a chapter of 40k marines that had never lost according to its 

He had Randy just where he wanted him, on the run, scrambling for the
rulebook, sweating!  Randy was actually sweating!  The master had 
never, ever, shown the least bit of worry in a battle as long as any of 
his victims could remember, and some of these guys were in their 
thirties and forties, LIFERS! 

This was sweet!  Bobby Lee was sucking it up like a starved vampire in a
girl’s dormitory. 

All day and now into the night the battle ran on.  One after another the
other victim’s entire armies fled or died. Mostly died.  The scum!  
Never run!  Glory for the empire and all that.  Now it was Bobby Lee 
and the Death Dealer himself.  Bobby Lee was already rehearsing the 
bold stories he’d tell his grandchildren and anyone else who happened 
to be within earshot for that matter!  Hell it was an epic tale worthy 
of Tolkien or even Steven King if Bobby Lee told it right, which he was 
sure, no, positive he would! 

Yesss!!  This was what all the hard work was for and it was paying off! 

It was close, but what fun would it have been to have routed Randy?  Oh
hell, who’s kidding whom, it would have been fun-fucking-tastic!  But 
you take what you can get against the master.  And it was great! 

Strike after counterstrike, Bobby Lee and Randy hit each other.  Slowly
but surely the battle was winding down.  The Death Skulls were bunched 
in a circle like the old wagon trains being attacked by bloodthirsty 
Indians, and Bobby Lee whopped and hollered adding to Randy’s torment.  
They were sitting ducks in their little pile of rocks! 

Sweet revenge was Bobby Lee’s! 

Then it happened, Bad Fang!  Randy’s persona in twenty-five millimeter
scale!  Bobby Lee had made only one tactical error, just one, a small 
one in his accounting of the dead and dying.  He thought a mole mortar 
round of earlier victim had killed Bad Fang hours ago! 

“No way!” agonized Bobby Lee, as he looked for confirmation from the
others, victimized and delegated to spectator roles.  Finding none, 
quite to his utter disbelief, Bobby Lee put on his ‘I knew it, I was 
ready for that’ look and proceeded to calmly, if hands shaking so bad 
you drop the dice twice is calm, pick up the dice and act as if nothing 
new just happened to ruin his plans! 

This cool act would have worked of course except for when the figure he
spied out of the corner of his eye grinned.  Now under normal 
circumstances a grin at this point would have been expected, hell, even 
Bobby Lee was known to smile when pulling a hat trick, ‘sorta like just 
five minutes ago, except this time the smile appeared to come from a 
Saturday Night Live character, Land Shark! 

Well as you can imagine, (try anyway) Bobby Lee shook his head and the
mirage went away, well almost, the grin was still there!  That 
terrible, awful, maddeningly confident grin!  Only now it was 

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