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The Lovers Part Ways (standard:romance, 262 words)
Author: SareAdded: Dec 14 2001Views/Reads: 2198/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rather the antithesis of a romance, I guess...

Her face held no healthy glow.  The flush of wind and exertion served
only to emphasize the deathly pallor of her skin.  She stood concealed 
behind a neighbour’s tree, watching as he came up the front walk and 
began knocking on her front door.  Her thin shoulders heaved as she 
tried to catch her breath; she held the tree trunk for support.  Across 
the street, he looked down suddenly, and she knew he was seeing the 
remains of the roses he’d brought for her last week, the roses she’d 
flung back at him, the roses that had been trampled in their argument 
and his departure.  She’d watched him leave that night, her tears hot 
on her cheeks and her words angry on her lips. 

Now she watched him as his fists banged on her door, forcing herself to
stifle the urge to run to him, to apologize, to make up.  His head hung 
low as he at last turned to leave, but  then his chin came up in a 
blaze of anger, and he spun round to begin again, pounding on the wood 
of the door as his hoarse shouts filled the dark, quiet street.  She 
heard the tremor in his voice as the echo of his words came to her 
ears: “I thought you loved me!”  The tears were scalding her cheeks and 
heavy sobs wracked her body as she clung to the tree trunk for support, 
her eyes cast to the ground, biting her lip.  At last she looked up to 
see him walking away, his hands still in fists.


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