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Indiana Jones and the Year 2001 (standard:adventure, 1207 words)
Author: Indiana JonesAdded: Jan 02 2002Views/Reads: 2028/1259Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is an Indiana Jones story that features James Bond and Mack Bolan.

Indiana Jones and the Year 2001 

Chapter 1 

Princeton, New Jersey 

July 11,2001 

"Archeology is lots of paperwork, but not much field work, and X 

never marks the spot," said Indy to his students. Then Indy said, 

"Cathy, when was the mummy Imotep found?" Cathy said, "In the year 1500 

AD." Indy said, "No, He isn't real, he was a character in the movie The 

Mummy, and The Mummy Returns." "Oh, and by the way if you want to pass 

you shouldn't day-dream during class." The class then started laughing. 

RRRIIINNNGGG the school bell rang and Indy said, "Don't forget to study 

for the test on next Wednesday." Indy then told Cathy the Blonde, "I am 

sorry for being so hard on you, I am just in a bad mood, because my 

best friend, and actor Rick O'Connel is missing." Cathy then said, 

"That is OK I shouldn't have been day-dreaming during class." "I hope 

your actor friend Rick O'Connel is found." Indy said, "You may leave 

now, Bye, I'll see you tomorrow." Cathy then said, "Bye." Marcus Brody 

then came in with two men and shut the door. Marcus said, "These men 

are secret agents, the one to the left of you is James Bond of the 

British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) and the one to your right is 

Mack Bolan of an extremely top secret American Intelligence agency 

called Stony Man Farm." Marcus said, "We are very honored to be 

entrusted with this information." Mack Bolan then said to James, " 

explain about the Union, you know more about them than I do, after all 

you have been involved with them twice before." James said, "The Union 

is a terrorist group led by an unknown man and has many locations." 

"They are brutal and there only goals are power, money, and 

destruction." "You can't threaten them with death, or they will just 

say go ahead, kill him, I don't care." James then said, "Mack, take it 

over." Mack said, "OK" "They somehow hijacked our top secret flying 

machine that resembles a flying saucer." "It can travel up to 2000 

miles per hour, it has 20 missiles, ten top of the line special nukes, 

and can carry up to 600 men." "That could destroy North America, 

England, and some other countries." James said, "They also stole the 

latest nuclear sub from England." Indy then said, "Then why do you need 

me?" Mack said, "So James doesn't get seduced by an enemy agent, and 

get stripped of his rank as Captain." "We have reason to to believe 

your friend Rick O'Connel was captured by them, and we know there 

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