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Then Again (maybe not) (standard:romance, 3040 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Jan 03 2002Views/Reads: 2214/1628Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is open for any kind of ending because I want to know what people could come up with the ending. So if you wanna add on, just let me know first OK :)

'Wake up! Claire, wake up’ 

I fell asleep again, damn. My heart almost leapt when Ian poked me with
the pencil. I hope Miss Tillney didn’t see me dozing off in her class 
or I’m toasted. Oh, there she was, sitting in her chair. Thank God!! 


Ian grinned evilly. He wrote something and passed his notebook to me. He
scribbled something in the corner, ‘The house is empty 2nite. Wanna 

Heh. I turned to him and he put his thumb up. 

‘We got assignments for tomorrow, for Algebra’, I whispered back. 

He shrugged, mimicking something like ‘what?’ 

Stupid. I wrote it down in his notebook; Algebra tomorrow and we have
assign. Haven’t done mine. Have you? Tossed the notebook back to him 
and pretended to read my textbook. Half of the class were sleepy. Miss 
Tillney’s voice was like a creepy pre-recorded electronic voice 
dictating the whole history book into our poor sleepy brains. 

I just realized how hot it was inside. The fan was on, but I bet it’s a
lot nicer outside. I’m thirsty. 

What the... A piece of paper, neatly folded, landed on my desk after
bumping the back of my left ear. I turned around and the red head 
smiled at me. 

‘Let’s do it together then. Pete had done his and I’m copying it’ Smart
ass. I ignored him throughout the class although he kept on throwing 
small paper cuts to me. 

The bell rang and suddenly the class is back to live. I have to put some
of the stuffs back to the locker before going home. Kirsten had asked 
me to keep some of her things for a while. She skipped classes after 
lunch. The sick bitch is probably busy making out with her boyfriend in 
the backseat of his car, somewhere. 

‘In a hurry, miss?’ Ian catched up with me halfway to the locker. 

‘Not really. Some guy had offered me a ride home, so I’m not in a hurry’

‘Yeah? Hmm, lucky guy. Need help with those?’ 

‘Yes, please’, I handed him some of the books I carried. 

‘Whose are these?’, he frowned at the books. ‘Kirsten? Why can’t she
bring her own books?’ 

‘Because, she’s out. With your mate’, I opened Kirsten locker and took
the books from his hand. ‘Thank you’ 

‘My mate? Who? Tom? Oh...lucky bastard!’ 

Why am I not surprised to hear that, even from my own boyfriend? Kirsten
is really the kind of girl that every man who already passed puberty 
would love. No, she’s not blonde. She used to be, though. She was born 
blonde, but she dyed her hair brown in year 10. . No one in this school 
knows this but me. She doesnt like how people associate blondness with 
lack of brain mass. You see, apart from being very sweet and active, 
she also has big tits. Ian once told me his friends think she’s an 
experienced girl, the easy kind. I feel sorry for the boys, and for 
Kirsten. But it’s not really my problem is it? 

‘Claire!’, Daniel came running across the corridor. Must be about the
bulletin board we’re working on. 

‘You go on, I need to talk to him for a little while’ 

‘OK. Don’t talk too long, I'll get jealous’, he looked around before
landed a kiss on my cheek. Oh dear. If Mr. Fox saw that, he’s gonna go 

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