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Apprehension (standard:poetry, 97 words)
Author: Abhishek SahaAdded: Jan 04 2002Views/Reads: 2086/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes there are moments when we are filled with a vague,yet terrifying feeling of apprehension-when reason is overcome by panic and one's subconscious becomes one's worst enemy.This poem is about such moments.


Lips trembling, face burning, heart pumping; 

The forces of id work relentlessly to overthrow 

reason from this temple- A strange unnatural heat 

spreads through the body like a spirit freed; 

Turbulence in the soul, sweat in the brow 

And vague senses of doom in the ears ring. 

Manís worst enemy is at work, wrecking vengeance 

On his conscious; Making me fear- anticipation 

of something that is perceived to be killing 

brings with it a poison far more galling 

than what it seeks to analyze- And makes me shun 

my most creative tool as greatest foe-my subconscious 


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