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Maggie...The Day After (standard:romance, 6591 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Sep 27 2000Views/Reads: 2731/1498Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The day after the storm. Better if you read Maggie...Is This Trip Really Necessary first.....

Maggie...The Day After 

Morning light should have been streaming through the open window.  Of
course, the window wasn't open.  Wasn't even really a window any 
longer.   It was just a piece of glass with storm shutters closed over 
it.  From what I could hear, it was a good thing, too.   Wind, howling 
like banshees, was shaking the house and throwing who knows what 
against the aluminum siding.   Sounded like a thousand boy scouts with 
their trusty knives were trying to poke and pry themselves inside our 
sanctuary.   Torrential rain, which would have sounded great on the tin 
roof, had the wind allowed it to hit the roof, pounded relentlessly as 
the storm increased in its fury.  It was absolutely not a safe place to 
be.  So why was I lying there with a grin on my face, feeling so happy 
to be there? 

The place was North Carolina, the storm was hurricane Betty and the
reason I was grinning and so happy was Maggie.   She was lying 
alongside me, still sleeping, head resting on my chest, her right arm 
flung across me.  Her long blonde hair was still damp in places from 
the drenching she had received while running to meet me the night 
before.  A heavy, sensuous fragrance clung to the sheets, a mixture of 
Maggie's perfume, strawberry shampoo and the scent of sex.  Inhaling 
deeply, I felt it rouse my senses and tantalize my body as it brought 
the memories of the previous night rushing back into my mind. 

Mags had led me upstairs to the guest-room of Lilly's home.  A few
candles had lit the way, preparation for the anticipated power outage.  
In the bedroom half a dozen more candles burned, casting a flickering, 
soft light along the walls and over the bed.   A soft push on my 
shoulders bade me to sit at the edge of the bed, then she stepped back 
from me. Hazel eyes burned dark in the low light.  The long, water 
soaked nightgown clung to her, accentuating her slim but curvy body. 

"You were going to show me something?" I asked quietly. 

Slowly, she pulled her left arm free of her nightgown, then just as
slowly, the right.  Pulling down at the waist, her body undulating ever 
so slightly, she slithered out of the gown.  I sat transfixed, not yet 
quite believing what was happening, watching as her body appeared to me 
inch by inch, until finally the negligee dropped to the floor at her 

"Do you like what you see?  Is it what you imagined?" she whispered,
then walked slowly to the bed. 

My eyes wandered over her.  Her supple body swayed seductively as she
moved closer.  In the candlelight she seemed even more beautiful than I 
had remembered, like a vision floating toward me.   Two arms reached 
for me, fingers brushed gently down my face as she lowered her head and 
kissed me softly, the warmth of her lips spreading through my own. 

In my mind now, the rest of the night was a blur.   We had set each
other on fire.  At times our passion had matched or outdone the 
ferocity of the storm, each of us intent on giving more and more 
pleasure to the other.  It had been lovemaking like I had never known; 
fiercely physical at one moment, soft and loving the next.  Muffled 
screams gave way to whispered promises of love, which in turn gave way 
to soft moans and pleadings for more. 

It was a night that would be difficult to match.  A sane man might have
thought it best to say it couldn't get any better than that and drive 
off into the sunset.   But, a sane man wouldn't have been there in the 
first place.   I had to be a little crazy to have driven half the night 
through blinding rain so that I could join Maggie in her attempt to 
ride out this hurricane.  Now, after spending one night with her, I was 
more than a little crazy.   I was completely taken with this woman, 
having surrendered my soul to her in a matter of just a few hours.  
There would be no driving off into the sunset.  Then again, the way 
this hurricane was sounding, we may not see another sunset. 

Warm lips brushing my neck brought me back from my musings.  "Mmm, Good
morning," Mags purred, as a very warm hand slid slowly up my thigh. 

"Good morning.  How you feeling?" I replied, turning my head to give her
a light kiss on the forehead.   Her hand came from under the sheet and 

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