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The New Mummy (youngsters:science fiction, 758 words)
Author: Science FictionAdded: Jan 12 2002Views/Reads: 5122/2120Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about the mummy.

"The New Mummy" 

The ground opened up and a muddy creature in the form of a man 

who was wrapped in cloth came out of the ground.  A woman screamed 

piercingly, when he grabbed her and said, "Anach-salimoon."  (Which 

means my princess in Egyptian)  Two men walked in and saw the creature 

and one said, "A mummy!" and then ran away.  The other man began to 

fire his 357 cougar magnum automatic pistol rapidly at the mummy, but 

the mummy walked straight to the man and ripped his eyes out.  Then he 

put them in his eye sockets.  He ran and saw the man that ran before 

with a coffin and the skeleton on him.  The man was yelling curses. 

The mummy then took the man's skin and nose.  The mummy walked out of 

the pyramid into an archeologist camp and took a man's lip and tongue. 

The men were firing rifles and pistols at the mummy, but they were 

doing little damage.  Henry Patterson, a famous archeologist from New 

Jersey was still in the pyramid and unharmed.  He yelled, "Katie!  Are 

you there?  Where are you?"  But heard no answer.  He began to worry, 

after two minutes of searching he fell through a secret hidden tunnel 

and found the man under the coffin and felt sick.  He then found the 

other dead man.  He also found Katie, his fiancé and checked her pulse. 

She was still alive.  He threw some water over her face and slapped 

her lightly on her facial cheek a couple of times until she woke up. 

He said, "I'll never turn my back on you again."  He kissed her and put 

her over his shoulder.  When he emerged from the pyramid, he got into 

his jeep with her.  He drove half way to Cairo, Egypt before he put 

more gas into the half full tank of the green Jeep Wrangler.  He told 

the grotesque truth to another Professor/Archeologist named John Thorn. 

John Thorn gasped in horror.  John said, "It was prophesied three 

thousand years ago by the Egyptian priest, that anyone who disturbs the 

pyramid of Ashimosi would die within three moons and the mummy would 

rule the world, enslave and torture people once again beyond 

imagination.  The only way you can kill it is by aiming his ring of 

power at him.  Katie said, "Be careful!"  Henry replied, "Okay, 

good-bye."  John said, "We must hurry to save the world from the 

mummy."  John and Henry left Katie Isabella at the Hilton Hotel with 

some guards at the door and went to the pyramid of Ashimosi in 

Kinpashing, Egypt.  The mummy was completely human when they arrived 

and there were slaves and people sprawled on the ground in pain from 

his torture.  He had young ladies all around him.  Henry ran and tried 

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