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Someone's Fantasy - Not Mine (standard:humor, 416 words)
Author: PeterFromOZAdded: Jan 13 2002Views/Reads: 2435/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
On the last day of high school a girl I don't even know proposes marriage...

The following is a short and true story. 

It was the final week of the final year of High School. I'm not too sure
whether it was Year 10 or 12, but it was probably Yr 10. 

It would have been the late 1970s, and as I said, I think it was the
last week of the last year. 

I was a bit overweight at the time. Anyway, a fairly fattish girl (my
age and year) walks up to me and says: "Peter, there's something that I 
want to ask you. **Will you marry me?**" 

At this point all I could think was, **Who are you?** I mean I'd seen
her around but I didn't know her name. I think we might have spoken 3 
times, tops in the year. 

I think I said something like: "Well, no offence, but no. I'm mean I do
really know you." 

She says: "Boo hoo hoo." Starts crying, and says, "HE DOESN'T LOVE ME".
To which her friend who was standing nearby and I hadn't noticed says, 
"Forget him. He's just a bastard. He's not worth it." 

My reaction was: Oh for Christ's sake, I never said I loved her. I never
even knew her name. We never kissed. Never dated. What planet is this 
woman from??? 

It was obviously some kind of fantasy of her's for block-boy (that would
be me) meets block-girl (her), and gets married and settles down and 
has 2.5 kids (that was the average then). By the way, if you're 
wondering how a family can have 2 and a half kids, it's easy, just have 
to kids and the wife pregnant -- there's your half a kid. 

I could see it all, in some horrible vision: both of us married and fat
-- that definitely wasn't in my plans; and with 2 or 3 or more likely 6 
or 7 kids. And I'm imagining that they are not growing up well adjusted 
or well behaved. Hey, I'm not making any secret of it -- I'm not a kids 

By the time I got to be my current age (40), the children would be in
their mid-20s and I'd probably be a granddad. What a horrible thought. 

I'm not saying I'll never get married, but that's one proposal I'm glad
I turned down. Not that there's anything wrong with the person, but I'm 
much prefer to date her for quite a long time; or at the very least to 
know her name. 

--- End 


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