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Spinning in Darkness (standard:poetry, 129 words)
Author: OtzchiimAdded: Sep 30 2000Views/Reads: 2939/5Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A love poem for one absent. 

Spinning in Darkness. 

Your face comes to my mind at night these days. 

Like some pale ghost of times long past, you seem, 

Though I'd prefer you be a wraith to come, 

Presentiment of all I long to see. 

Without you here, your memory I raise 

And make it stand in place.  You bring the dream 

Of feeling once again your heartbeat's drum 

As you lie in my arms and smile at me. 

I've been too long away from your sweet face -- 

A day is much too long, as you must know. 

I long to take your hand and speak with you, 

To know your elegance, your wit and grace, 

To hold you and to let our feeling grow 

Until our kisses make the whole world new. 


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