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REALITY (standard:science fiction, 444 words)
Author: MehulAdded: Jan 20 2002Views/Reads: 2026/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Green lasers, alien pods, gigantic mother ships...a short adventure!


The missile lock panel flashed an alarming red as I speeded through the
cosmic dust, dodging small asteroids which threatened to smash my small 
fighter ship. The defensive screen showed an X5X missile dead on my 
tail. I took my ship into a sharp backward roll, and came out of a full 
circle just behind the grey speeding metallic object that spelt certain 
death for me. Without any delay, I shot it down with my guns. As I 
zoomed through the glowing remains, the enormous enemy mother-ship came 
into view in the distance, looming ahead like a giant black cloud. 
Slowly, it became bigger, though I wondered how it could get any bigger 
than it already was. It was huge, with thousands of glowing spots on 
its sides, like the cells of a mammoth bee hive. There were some 
strange looking protrusions on its surface, which were moving about. 
Suddenly, they opened up like a flower and started emitting green 
pulses towards my ship. I dodged them as best as I could, but soon was 
faced with hundreds of insect-like ships emerging from an opening in 
the mother ship. Guns blazing, I pierced through the meleè of enemy 
ships. Shock waves from small explosions shook my craft as I tried to 
find a way out of the warring space alight with green pulses and blue 
blazing guns. My ships comport came alive amid the confusion and the 
voice of my squadron leader came through. “We have located your polar 
coordinates and are in the process of warping there. Standby!” My eyes 
were transfixed on my heads-up-display, when I felt a fly land on my 
arm. On looking down, I jumped in shock as I realized it wasn’t  a fly, 
but a big bee. Hysterically, I waved my arms about, till the insect 
buzzed out of my cockpit. Getting my concentration back, I brought my 
gaze back to the display just in time to see the huge wall of the side 
of the mother ship blocking out everything in my path. In a mad rush, I 
grabbed the controls and pulled up as hard as I could. The glowing 
lights on the mother ship whizzed past like those on a landing strip, 
but rapidly kept getting bigger and bigger. Regretfully, I heard the 
undercarriage of my fighter hit the side of the massive ship, followed 
by the jarring jolts. Then everything went black. Slowly, a message 
flashed in heavenly white: ‘do you want to continue?’. Encountering no 
luck with change in my pockets, I jumped out of the simulator cockpit 
and strolled into the bowling alley as another excited kid took my 
previous place.


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