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Keepers Landing (standard:romance, 21957 words)
Author: J. NicklausAdded: Jan 25 2002Views/Reads: 2153/2133Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A fantasy long ago uttered, A man deeply in love with his wife. One loving memory shared.

This is the first story I'd ever written. Its inspiration, as all my
stories are, comes from one woman who holds my heart. Elements of this 
story are found in my others as well, each one having some passing 
reference to the others in some way. So I ask you to bear that in mind 
should you see fit to read my others. The Bow was my second, followed 
by Struck, then Dum Spiro Spero. 

This is a long story, but written from the heart. I hope you enjoy it.
any feedback on any of them would be appreciated :^) 


The hum of the engine kept him awake, the thoughts in his head kept him
preoccupied. Staring out through the windshield he could see the 
headlights cutting through the darkness. Dawn was just beginning to 
break on the horizon. As many times as he had made this trip before 
with his wife, he could damn near drive it in his sleep. 

Glancing over he watched her as she leaned against the door and slept,
legs curled up on the seat. She looked so peaceful, as beautiful as she 
had always been, even moreso now as she got older. He watched her chest 
rise and fall with each slow breath, daring to steal glances at her 
smooth, wonderful legs. It still amazed him at how much he longed for 
her touch after 10 years of marriage. So thoroughly in love with one 
person, so lost in one heart. 

He knew up ahead was a clearing, a pull over on a dirt road leading into
a grove just off the highway. He’d seen it many times prior. 

Upon one trip he made alone, he took the liberty of driving down the
road a bit, and discovered it fit his needs perfectly. Looking over 
again he could see she was still asleep. He felt his longings stirring. 

Within one circle of the second sweep hand, he eased into the left turn
and onto the dirt road. Slowing to a softer glide he rolled onto the 
road and gingerly headed towards the grove. The bouncing of the road 
stirred the woman, and she groggily awoke to morning breaking a dull 

“Morning!” he said to her as he took her hand and lovingly squeezed it. 
She smiled sweetly and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, leaning 
against his shoulder, trying to wake up. 

“Where are we going?” came her soft voice. “Just wanted to show you
something in here” he replied. 

“You know we need to be there by morning. Our parents are expecting us
for breakfast” 

“I know”, he said “this won’t take long”. Inwardly he grinned. 

She watched out the window as the dust swirled up around and then behind
the car, unsure as to why she was at once slightly annoyed at this 
diversion yet overwhelmingly excited by the uncertainty. He had always 
managed to surprise her at the strangest times. Never one to be overly 
predictable, she was still, after 10 years of marriage, in wonder of 
him. Flowers for no reason, a morning with a single rose upon the 
pillow next to her, the call at work that always seemed to come at just 
the right time just to hear him say “I love you”. Romance and magic 
intertwined. Perhaps the sullen break of sun sweeping away the darkness 
was inducing her emotions. Perhaps it was her heart. 

His voice broke her thoughts and startled her. “Did you have a nice

“Once I nodded off, yes. Kept dreaming about the kids” 

“Nothing traumatic I hope” he half asked, half stated. “No, just normal
odd, dream-type stuff” she smiled back. The dirt road wound around a 
large outcropping of boulders. Several types of trees bathed each side 
of the road in green,  no dwellings or people anywhere in sight. The 
road obviously led somewhere, but she didn’t really care where. At this 
moment she was just curious about what was on his mind. She stared up 
at his profile, burning his soft yet masculine features into her memory 

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