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Just a Wish (standard:drama, 351 words)
Author: Tiger_Lily14Added: Oct 02 2000Views/Reads: 2521/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A very short yet somewhat disturbing story that shows how quickly a life can end after one mistake.

Just A Wish By Lily Haythornthwaite 

As Mary walked off the schoolyard and past the chain link fence, her
thoughts all turned to the problem that plagued my mind. She had lost 
her CD player. It was only really half her Discman and half her 
brother's. He was going to flip on her when he finds out. This just 
wasn’t my day she thought. As she walked past a particular boy that she 
detested with the hate of 10 people, he yelled at her. 

“Hey, look, it’s fatty!” he screamed in his horrible screechy voice. 

His friends snickered with laughter. She turned towards him. He was
short and wiry. He had practically no muscles but always wore a white 
muscle shirt. He was ugly and a complete moron and yet he made fun of 

“Go fuck yourself you short piece of shit” she said to him in a very
controlled voice. She continued walking on. She didn’t want to stay 
around there to long. He yelled his usual insults after Mary. He always 
did that when someone had insulted them. Always resorted to juvenile 

Mary was walking up the hill, her mind full of hate, sadness and many
worries. She kept her eyes down along the ground. She saw a dandelion 
which she picked. In her mind she wished . . .. 

I wish for all my troubles to go away . . . 

She blew lightly on the dandelion and the spores, which stuck out on it,
flew off, all of them. She dropped the stem to the ground on walked. 
She tried to occupy her mind and took a bouncy ball out of her pocket. 
She bounced it along the sidewalk. Then, the ball bounced off her foot 
and into the road. She ran after and was struck by a car. She died 
nearly instantly. And like the dandelion spores, her sprit floated 
away, away . . . 

She would have no more worries anymore. Also, I think this rather
gruesome story gives new meaning to the phrase 

Be careful what you wish for . . . 


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