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Wedding Blues (standard:horror, 1548 words)
Author: Rene AmadorAdded: Jan 31 2002Views/Reads: 2067/1263Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Some marriages are made in heaven. Other are, well, off the mark a bit.

Wedding Blues by Rene Amador 

The wedding was six months ago.  Ralph sat in his chair reading the
newspaper and sipping brandy while his wife Morganna read a novel and 
drank a glass of wine.  Both of the chairs were positioned in front of 
a large fireplace giving both warmth and reading light.  Ralph's cigar 
billowed smoke and filled the room with a burning musk scent.  Every 
night was the same since the end of the honeymoon.  They sat in silence 
reading and drinking, occasionally giving each other a cold glance.  
Once in a while a few words were spoken but they only resembled grunts 
and mumblings at best. 

Ralph turned a few pages in his newspaper and shifted in his chair.  He
let out a sound followed by a pungent discharge.  He passed wind.  
Morganna glanced up from her book in disgust.  She thought, what did I 
see in him? 

Her thoughts went back to when they had first met.  At a dinner party
that was held by her family, Ralph had been a guest of one of her many 
relatives.  She couldn't have helped but notice him standing at close 
to seven feet and holding about three hundred pounds on his frame.  He 
immediately went to the food table and ate greedily.  He was making a 
complete spectacle of himself, but at the same time, Morganna saw 
something in him.  Perhaps it was because that in her family, everyone 
was very careful to stay within their species.  That is to say that 
because of their breeding and upbringing they tried to deal as little 
as possible with such people as Ralph.  That is what drew her in.  They 
spent the evening together talking the hours away and dancing on the 
floor while everyone in her family cast disapproving looks. 

Later that night, they had succumbed to their passions in the courtyard.
 There was a fountain in the center with stone benches surrounding it 
and it was there that they had explored each other.  The two of them 
roamed each other's bodies with the full moon shining above to guide 
them.  Ralph had instinctively known where to turn and drive, pleasing 
Morganna into sheer ecstasy.  This was the first time in a long time 
that she had enjoyed herself so much.  For Ralph it was much the same. 

What followed was a swift romance.  They saw each other constantly and
anticipated each other's company whenever they were apart.  In a matter 
of months they married.  The ceremony was held in the chapel that stood 
on her family's estate.  They married in the evening with the moon and 
stars to shine on their vows reminding them of their first night 
together.  As her thoughts drifted back to the present day, sitting in 
the bedroom in front of the fire, Morganna began to focus on how she 
had come to hate him. 

After the honeymoon, things had considerably cooled off.  They drifted
apart from each other.  All of the warnings that her family had given 
Morganna had come to surface.  Although Ralph himself was a good man, 
especially in the bedroom, he was completely boring.  Every night was 
the same.  They sat in front of the fireplace and went through the 
motions.  Even their act of love happened less frequently.  Most nights 
they would sleep in separate rooms in the estate that was passed on to 
her from her family.  Ralph had turned out to have absolutely no 
conversational skills.  He kept mostly to himself.  She couldn't stand 
it anymore.  The thought of killing him had crossed her mind 
occasionally.  There wouldn't be any great loss on her part.  He was 
just a man and simply would not be missed.  She thought that it would 
be simple.  She had a gun.  She knew how to use it.  All it would take 
is one bullet aimed true and all of her problems would be over.  Little 
did she know was that Ralph had been entertaining similar ideas as 

Ralph sat in his chair and glanced to Morganna.  He asked, "What?" 

"Nothing," she replied. 

Ralph thought, she thinks she too good to speak to me?  Ever since the
dinner party where they had met, he could always feel her family's 
disapproving stare.  It didn't bother him before.  He would always 
brush it off like some dust that had fallen on his shoulder.  After the 
wedding he saw more and more of her family.  He also saw the stares 
more often and they began to chip away at him.  He would overhear 
comments from her family.  He felt resentment.  He thought that their 

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