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Fun with Monkeys (standard:humor, 1147 words)
Author: Rene AmadorAdded: Feb 02 2002Views/Reads: 2119/1498Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on a true story when I used to work at the zoo.

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warnings, both verbally from the keepers and staff and in sign form all 
over the ground, but in this case they were willing to make an 
exception.  Suddenly, like a wave moving across the ocean water, all of 
the monkeys' attention shifted to the right.  They saw all of the tasty 
treats littered on the floor.  Not wasting any time, they went for it. 

At this time, a keeper made his way inside through a door at the base of
the rock formation.  He was carrying an empty trashcan.  I didn't know 
what he was doing with a trashcan.  He went to the child and placed the 
empty trashcan on top of him.  Now he had to deal with the monkeys 
while in the dark.  He dragged the trashcan with the kid underneath to 
the door out of the monkey pit.  All the while the monkeys enjoyed 
their feast on the floor and devoured every last bit of food.  The 
keeper made it out just as the monkeys finished. 

Later in the day, I found out what happened.  The parents brought the
child to the zoo for the day.  They saw everything; the bears, the 
dolphins, the giraffes, even the giant cockroaches in the children's 
zoo.  They got to the monkeys, the kid's favorite animal in the 
perpetuity of the universe.  In fact he always saved the monkeys for 
last when he ate animal crackers.  The kid wasn't tall enough to see 
over the rocks.  His parents picked him up and stood him on the rocks.  
Well, the parents' grip on the kid must have slipped or something and 
the kid fell into the pit. Luckily, I found out later, the kid only 
bruised his bottom and it could have been a lot worse.  It was a ten or 
fifteen feet drop to the bottom of the pit.  I guess the kid will be 
eating the monkeys first in the animal cracker box so they won't eat 


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