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Mermaids Never Smile (standard:horror, 7336 words)
Author: Rene AmadorAdded: Feb 02 2002Views/Reads: 2043/1301Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A twist on the concept of mermaids. Adapted from japanese comic book originally written by Rumiko Takahashi, an artist who has a knack for writing very entertaining stories. Hope this does her justice.

Mermaids Never Smile by Rene Amador 

Adapted from original work by Rumiko Takahashi 

A small rural village on the island of Japan sat nestled in the
mountains.  It was the middle of the night and Mana sat in her bed, 
wide-awake with an annoyed look on her face.  The stars in the sky 
shone brightly.  Over the chirping cicadas, in the distance, a moan 
faded in and out.  Several more times it came out. Mana shouted, “Old 
woman!  Are you out there?!?” Silently the old woman crept to the door 
and spoke without entering the room. 

“Cannot you sleep, Mana?” 

“Not with that annoying sound ringing in my ears.  Whatever it is that’s
making that noise, find it and kill it.  Now!” 

“Well, it cannot be helped.  There is a full moon tonight.” 

The old woman trailed off and left as quickly as she came. 

The next morning, on the other side of the island, on a crowded beach in
Hokkaido, men and women played volleyball in the sun while others 
worked desperately on their tans.  Off in the distance along the 
water’s edge a young man walked with a duffel bag over his shoulder.  
He was dressed casually and stood out among the others dressed in 
swimsuits or summer clothes.  As he passed some people they made 

“Who’s that weird guy?” 

“Geez, looks like he’s been through a lot.” 

“You think he’s lost or something?” 

He held a map in his hand.  At the top of the stairs leading away from
the beach, he stopped at the nearest person, a merchant setting up shop 
along the beach. 

“Excuse me?” 


“Do you know the road to Nosurizaki?” 

“It’s surrounded by mountains.  You can’t even get to it by boat since
the water is so choppy.” 

“I guess I can only go through the mountains then.” 

“So what are you going out there for?  I don’t think anyone lives out
there anymore.” 

”That sounds nice,,,” 

“What?  You’re really going to go?  I said there’s nothing out there!” 

“I’m looking for something.”  He took a few steps away and turned
around. “A mermaid.” 


The young man walked off before the merchant got an answer. Back at the
village, the old woman walked down the hall and carried a tray with a 
modest breakfast:  a bowl of rice, a broiled fish and some soup. Mana 
cried out, “Where’s breakfast!?!?” 

She entered the room and set the tray in front of the young woman. 

“Please forgive me for being late.” 

“At least you brought the food.” 

For a lady who had a proper upbringing she ate with almost no manners. 
She hungrily shoveled the food into her mouth.  As she did, the old 

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