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MAID'S ROOM (standard:romance, 5540 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Feb 07 2002Views/Reads: 2932/2061Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Love can happen in any room...

The family in residence came and went through the entrance on Park
Avenue, but the entrance for the maid and the other servants was around 
the corner on the side street. It was the same entrance used by the 
delivery people when they delivered just about everything imaginable to 
that address on Park Avenue. Bess Fortin was about to move into the 
maid's room on the third floor rear of that grand old mansion and take 
up the duties of the position that she had been engaged for on the day 
prior. It was Jason, the butler, who had interviewed her and was to be 
her supervisor. As soon as he had indicated that the position was hers, 
she accepted quickly and didn't really care too much about seeing the 
suite of rooms where she would be living. She would be satisfied with 
most anything, because she was desperate for the position. 

Now, as she approached the entrance on the side street with her
belongings in several traveling bags, she had to wait for some delivery 
men to get through the door with some sort of exercise apparatus headed 
for the gymnasium in the basement. She and her bags waited on the 
sidewalk just outside the double door entrance while the two men 
maneuvered the heavy machine through the doorway toward an old 
fashioned birdcage type elevator. She could see the elevator and the 
stairs that surrounded it from where she waited. It was an ancient, 
ornate looking contraption that really wasn't to her liking as a means 
of lifting her from one floor to another in the old house. 

It was five minutes before nine as she moved her bags from the sidewalk
through the doorway. She was to meet Jason, her new boss, at this 
entrance in just five minutes. She closed the double doors and, as the 
old birdcage lift began its journey to the basement fully loaded, she 
looked up at the open staircase that wounds it's way around the old 
lift all the way to a fourth floor. It appeared as a vertical tunnel of 
some kind with nothing in it but a staircase and an old lift. However, 
she soon realized there were surrounding halls on each floor with 
several doorways opening into various rooms unknown to Bess as yet. 

Jason wouldn't find out for thirty days that she had no intention of
staying that thirty-first day! Poor old Jason would have never given 
her a second thought had he known the true circumstances surrounding 
Bess and her search for a maid's position... she had appeared with the 
best of references from two former employers in Montana. The hiring 
butler took them at face value and did not check them out. Jason's 
total ignorance of the farce he was becoming involved in was definitely 
to his advantage for the time being. With all those 'authentic 
references' Bess had never worked for even an hour as a maid for 
anyone. She was a spoiled brat of a daughter out of a very wealthy 
ranch family in Montana! She was both the apple of her father's eye and 
his greatest liability in every way thinkable. Born a baby boomer, just 
five years after the war, her blue eyes and blonde hair, coupled with a 
healthy feminine figure, would catch the eye of any man within fifty 
feet of her! This whole ide a about Bess becoming a maid had been 
agreed to by her father to teach his torqued up daughter the lesson of 
her life.... 

The butterflies were having a heyday in Bess' stomach as a door opened
and into the hallway came Jason. He was tall and thin with just a wisp 
of white hair left for him to part and comb. It wasn't Jason himself 
who had the butterflies doing cadence -- it was whether she could get 
away with this whole charade, beginning with this very moment. 

Jason smiled rather broadly as he approached and bade her a rather warm
sounding, "Good morning, Miss Fortin. I'm pleased to see that 
promptness is yours this morning." 

"Good morning to you ,sir. Yes, I always try to be on time." Although
she said this with a sound of sincerity, this was the first time in her 
immediate recollection that she could ever have been on time for 
anything -- but of course Jason must not even think otherwise. This is 
the person who is going to help straighten out her world. 

It was still breakfast time on a huge ranch in Montana and Hank Fortin
was lingering over coffee as his mind wandered about what might be 
happening to his only daughter, Bess. Her two brothers had taken over 
most of the ranching responsibilities to allow their father some well 
deserved leisure, but the leisure time had turned into worry time about 
Bess. He had thought that when she finished high school she would be 
off to college -- but Bess had other ideas about what she was going to 

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