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Love Struck (standard:romance, 12033 words)
Author: damnationAdded: Feb 08 2002Views/Reads: 2388/1352Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This sequel to The Day Lucy Broke Down picks up about four months after the original story. When Mach broke into a boat on a dare, spending the next five days with her ex-girlfriend was the last thing she had expected. Will they survive this journey toget

Love Struck 

the sequel to The Day Lucy Broke Down 


d a m n a t i o n 

06.02.01 - 07.02.01 

Warnings and Disclaimers: This story picks up about four months after
The Day Lucy Broke Down. It is essential to read that before 
proceeding. [ You may also see it as a ploy of mine to make you read 
more of my stuff :) ] The story is highly influenced by an all time 
favourite show of mine, Cupid Love. 

Like all my other stuff, it is of an alternate nature; don't read it if
you don't like it. Violence is limited to cat scratches, jabs and 
slaps. No biggie. 

Yellow Island is a made up place, so please don't mail me to tell me
that you can't find it on the map. *grin* I am also a boat moron, so 
excuse me if I termed any part of the boat wrong. Better still, inform 
me of the right term(s) and I'll do the necessary editing. 

The song used in this story is not mine. It belongs to Linkin Park. 


I think it was a character in Moulin Rouge who said love is a many
splendid thing. Or was it a character in one of Shakespeare's plays? 
Hm. Well, someone said it, that's for sure. And before you think you 
got my number, no, I don't think that it's bullshit. Neither am I too 
hardened for love, or the likes of it. In fact, I relish being in love. 
I look forward to that topsy turvy feeling that makes your head buzz 
and body hum... In fact, I think it is the only thing I look for in 
this dull existence. 

I just don't like having it for too long. 

Just what the hell do I mean by that? Simple. I love falling in love but
I scram after that initial high dies off; catch my drift? I hate it 
when the buzzing stops, and the meetings get obligatory. I hate it when 
a once passionate kiss turns vaguely comfortable just because the 
participants are getting familiar with each other. I hate it when 
morning breath starts to matter, and you are expected to spend the 
night. Falling in love did not scare me because I always knew when to 

So when the high of falling in love did not die its natural death this
time round, I freaked out. What if I actually grew so attached to 
someone that I would choose to stay? If I had the power to choose, then 
the same power would be extended to the other party, would it not? I 
guess when it comes down to the crunch, I am a big scaredy cat after 
all, huh? 


If you want me to name one rule that I follow religiously, it would be
my rule of never buying anyone flowers. Flowers are... stupid. Period. 
Just what is so enticing about dead matter? Would you like it if 
someone gave you a dead chicken with its claws trimmed? Or a dead 
rodent, wrapped around your head? Wait a minute... there are people who 
are into that. Scrap that, then. Let us just go with the chicken 
example. You can never go wrong with chicken. 

Anyway, flowers are stupid. Darrell Mach never, ever bought anyone
flowers and she ain't gonna start anytime soon. So when I found myself 
walking towards this flower shop with the intention of purchasing 
like... a dozen stalks of those dead things, it was like a blast of 
cold air hitting me squarely in the face. I fell from the cloud that I 
had been floating on for the past couple of months and started 
evaluating the going-ons in my life. 

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