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The Day Lucy Broke Down (standard:romance, 12415 words)
Author: damnationAdded: Feb 08 2002Views/Reads: 2197/1326Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
For someone whose life revolves around her cat, Jordie, and Lucy, Kelly was devastated when Lucy broke down. What she least expects is the entry of another leading woman into her life. Will Lucy finally be replaced? Or is the other woman bad news all roun

The Day Lucy Broke Down 


d a m n a t i o n 

17.01.02 - 24.01.02 

Warnings and Disclaimers: This is an alternate fiction and involves
relationships of the same sex; don't read if you don't like it. No 
violence, unless you count bad dancing, pushing and shoving violent. 

The two songs used in this story are not mine. They belong to Nickelback
and P.O.D respectively. Great tracks. 


It was a day like any other. The clock struck twelve somewhere in the
townhall square but I was still sound asleep. The dark shades prevented 
any ray of light from entering, thus ensuring the dimness of the room. 
The soft whirling of the electronic fan was a soothing accompaniment to 
my slumber. It was all going very well, for right then, an absolutely 
gorgeous girl was about to plant a kiss on my lips. Her perfume flooded 
my senses as she neared, and even though I was lying prone on the bed 
in reality, my heart was beating a million miles a minute. Just as her 
lips were about to touch mine... 

"Here's a good afternoon to those who have just tuned in to our station!
The weather is fantastic this summer day, and if you aren't already out 
on the beach, tanning that beea-oo-tiful body, WHAT are you waiting 
for? Now get those..." 

The voice of some cheery DJ shocked me into awareness and I reached out,
annoyed -- not to mention highly frustratedly -- to hit... *crash* 
um... hit... *bang*... oops... hit... ahh... the snooze button on the 
clock radio. Balancing precariously on the edge of my water bed, I 
squeezed my eyes tighter, hoping that the brief interlude with lucidity 
would not bring me to full consciousness. But the more I wanted to fall 
back to sleep... Mm. Hate wind blowing in face.... the more I took in 
my surroundings. Mm. Hate wind blowing on arse. I rolled onto my back 
and burrowed my face under the pillow. Mm. Hate the damn wind. I 
shuffled around more, trying to build a wall of pillows around my body, 
but by the time that was done... "Bugger," I muttered under my breath 
and opened my eyes to yet another glorious day. 

I lay on the bed, motionless and somewhat disappointed that I was awake.
I should very well be, I thought to myself. At least in dreamland, you 
have someone who wants to kiss you. I sighed, feeling as pathetic as I 
sounded to myself. Rolling myself to the edge of the bed again, I felt 
around for my glasses. Armed with the equipment that I needed to get 
around the house, I finally stood up and stretched noisily, feeling as 
if I had already ran a long distance race just by getting to that very 

The journey to the bathroom was halted briefly when the sole of my foot
connected squarely with something furry. A piercing shriek was heard 
before something ginger-colored flashed before me and disappeared. 
"Sorry!" I called after my annoyed tomcat, saying it out of routine 
rather than guilt. "But it's your fault for lying around on the stairs, 
Jordie!" Unrepentant. That was how I was, as was my cat. Day after day 
saw him lying in wait for me on the stairs. Sometimes I wondered if he 
wanted to trip me intentionally. Rubbing my face, I winced. Padding 
quickly to the bathroom, I peered into the mirror. Gray eyes peered 
back at me before they shifted their focus on an angry, red blob. 
"Great start to a great day," I grumbled. "I hope I don't get my period 
as well. That would just top the charts, wouldn't it?" I pulled down my 
shorts and groaned. 


I bravely went on with my day. What other choice did I have -- kill
myself because I got my period? Jordie was nowhere in sight, probably 
chasing some unfortunate dog somewhere. Yeah, my cat had attitude and 

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