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Fihting the Forces of Evil (standard:horror, 1107 words)
Author: sk8endudeAdded: Oct 06 2000Views/Reads: 2546/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
story told by mrs. walkers point of view. Its written as what happens to Mrs. Walker in "The Devil and Tom Walker" (this was a english assignment i got a REALLY good grade on.) Note: it is only in horror due to the descriptions of satan.

Fighting the Forces of Evil 

My name is Mrs. Walker, and I was married to Mr. Walker until something
very unfortunate came to pass.  Apparently one day he was walking in 
the woods and met Satan.  He came home that night and told me about his 
encounter and how he was offered prosperity.  He was such an imbecile 
about it.  He was unsure about what to do and the more I talked to him 
about the prospects of accepting the more he decided not to go.  By the 
end of the night I knew I would have to be the one to go strike up a 
deal with the devil.  (Tom never was smart when it came to money.  I 
tried to beat sense in him throughout my life and he never came to 
realize how important taking a chance for money is.) 

The next day I woke up bright and early at the crisp of dawn.  I entered
the woods and went to the fort.  I saw no one, and started walking 
around looking.  Soon I grew tired and sat down on a fallen tree to 
wait for the black man to appear and rest my feet.  As night started to 
fall, I decided to give up my search.  Just as I was walking away I saw 
out of the corner of my eye a man with black frizzled hair and dirty 
raggedy clothes on carrying an axe.  Remembering my husband’s 
description of the stranger, I quickly realized this was whom I needed 
to talk to.  I walked up to him and introduced myself to the man, and 
asked to make the deal for Tom.  He was very reluctant at first but 
after a couple of hours he accepted.  He asked that I bring all my 
silver as bargaining items the next day.  By the time I was finished it 
was dark.  I walked home, told Tom I met the devil, and went to bed. 

At the crack of Dawn, I gathered all our silver in my apron and walked
off to the woods.  When I got to the meeting place, I saw Satan waiting 
for me to show up.  He told me to put all the silver on the ground.  
When I did so he grinned at me, lifted his axe, and threw at me.  I 
jumped quickly to the side and huddled behind the nearest tree.  The 
events of what just happened ran through my head, and I realized I had 
been tricked.  The rage inside me built up, and I decided to pay him 
back.  Quickly taking two twigs, I put them in the shape of a cross and 
walked out into plain view. 

At the sight of the cross in my hands, the black man started convulsing
with pain and stepping back.  He started throwing rocks in an attempt 
to knock the cross from my hands.  I held on tightly and ran up close 
to him.  I grabbed him by his thick black hair and started pounding my 
hand, which still tightly gripped the twigs into his head.  As I hit 
him, dark black blood oozed from the cuts I created.  I started hitting 
so hard that the cross broke.  Immediately all of his power returned 
and he started hitting back.  I grabbed at his hair and started ripping 
it out in clumps.  The black man suddenly slid into the ground out of 
my site.  I started looking frantically around, before I realized I 
should get out of there. 

As I ran through the forest, Branches reached out and scraped at my
arms.  Suddenly out of nowhere, the black man walked out and stuck out 
his foot.  I tripped over it and went sailing a couple feet before 
hitting skidding to a stop.  I had my breath knocked out of me and 
could barely move.  My will to live consumed me and I tried to get up.  
As I stood I saw the black man in front of me.  He gave me an evil 
grin, and before my eyes his teeth grew into horrible fangs, two black 
horns grew out of his scalp, and his skin turned a charcoal black and 
started to hang off his body in black strips.  Black blood oozed from 
his torn skin and spilled from between his fangs and dripped in long 
thin black strands from his mouth.  The grizzly sight sickened me and I 
vomited.  He laughed an evil low laugh causing more of the black liquid 
to gush from his mouth.  I slowly backed away and picked up a rock.  I 
threw it at him with all my might, and it hit him with a meaty smack 
causing a new cut to open and more blood to flow.  Satan slowly inched 
closer to me.  Each step caused more black blood to flow and hit the 
ground.  I vomited again creating him to laugh again.  Suddenly Satan 
leaped upon me and I was smashed into the ground.  I felt my ribs crack 
and Satan’s claws pierce my skin causing my blood to seep out of me.  
He laughed again.  I tried to get up.  The pain hit me as I attempted 
to stagger away causing me to cry out.  I stumbled and went sprawling.  
Feeling something drip on me, I looked up into Satan’s face.  I yelled 
in fear and got up again.  I slowly backed away.  Satan watched me for 
a couple seconds and laughed again.  He jumped on my back and I felt my 
legs and back snap.  My body was racked with pain and the blood 
wouldn’t stop flowing I felt myself sinking in the ground as I died. 

I awoke in a cavern filled with flames.  I looked around and through the
entrance came the black man.  He approached me and said I was dead and 
that due to my bad reputation for beating people, god sent me here so 
he wouldn’t have to deal with me.  Satan explained I was now his slave 
and would remain his slave for the rest of eternity.  In saying this he 
strapped me to my chair, lit it on fire and left.  I heard him shut the 
door to the cave and felt the flames grow and cast off more heat than I 
could bear.  I broke into a sweat and have dehydrated here since then.  
I have written my story on what has happened as a warning.  This 
warning that if you’re bad and have to go to hell, you will have to 
deal with me.  I leave this story for you to pass on to future 
generations.  I hope you heed it well. 


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