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Stand and Wait (standard:drama, 2559 words)
Author: OtzchiimAdded: Oct 09 2000Views/Reads: 3074/1471Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
She couldn't have anything up her sleeve -- she had been stripped naked. But she had a brain, a friend in an unexpected place, and a couple of strong motives.


When Joey Moses tried to put a move on Lisa Rizzoni, I don't think he
expected her to turn him down.  Putting a move -- well, what he did was 
to grab her from behind, out on the street, force his mouth on hers, 
squeeze her breast, then grab her crotch and tell her he was going to 
fuck her till she went crazy.  And turning him down -- what she did was 
kick him hard.  With where she kicked him and his not being able to get 
up for fifteen minutes, I knew right away she was in trouble.  That was 
on Monday. 

For the last three years, since he started running the gang, he had been
having any girl in the projects he wanted, though he didn't have 
anybody steady.  He was too rough and kinky for any girl to put up with 
for long, and he didn't think women should be around when anything 
important was going on anyhow. 

I was the only other guy in the gang without somebody regular to have
sex with.  I let on that I felt I was better off not getting involved 
with anybody.   The truth was I didn't like the girls who were around 
in the projects; they were politicians, just living off the guys.  Joey 
liked what I let on, which was one reason he trusted me and made me 
second in command.  I don't know if he ever knew the rest of the truth, 
which is that I just went outside the neighborhood for action that way. 

But going after Lisa Rizzoni...  She wasn't really from the projects. 
She didn't even live there now, though she almost did.  She lived in 
her grandmother's house, a little place maybe two blocks away.  The 
grandmother had been there forty years, 20 longer than the projects had 
been up.  The family had been trying to get her to move for years, but 
maybe it was as well she hadn't. 

Lisa's mother had been raised in the little house, she married the man
who ran the project for the city, and now she was back in the house 
again.  The word was Albert Rizzoni was going to make a stink about a 
payoff on some contract in his department, so somebody planted heroin 
in his car trunk.  The feds arrested him, said his house and car and 
bank account were all from drug money, and took it all.  Rizzoni got 
killed in jail, before the trial, and the feds kept everything.  The 
life insurance was set up to be paid straight from the bank account, so 
the payments stopped, so no insurance. 

So Lisa's mother had to take her and her brother Lou and go back to live
with old lady Franchesi.  They had to go from their fancy schools to 
the joke they got for a high school here. 

Lisa was a year from finishing then, but her brother was two years
younger.  Lisa had a smart mouth when she moved here, and it got worse. 
 Word was she had never gone to bed with anybody; if she really was a 
virgin, she must have been the only one around of her age then, let 
alone now, two years later.  That's sure to be one reason that Joey 
went after her. 

But her brother was different.  He got to running with the gang not long
after they moved here.  He had been in the neighborhood maybe eight 
months when his body was found by the overpass. 

There's a road going onto the bridge and another one with not much
sidewalk crossing it.  I was out early in the morning on the bridge 
when I heard somebody yelling.  Then I could see the cop-car coming 
from some blocks away, so I figured I'd see what was up.  I just walked 
down the steps beside the overpass and got there before the cops did. 

The old drunk who found the body started telling me all about it, but
the cops cut him off.  They yelled at me to get away from there, but 
there wasn't much they could say.  They saw me get there, and the body 
was plainly some hours old. 

Lou had been stabbed in the back a bunch of times, but with something
that made little round holes.  The cops decided it was a punch for 
making holes in leather, cause they found a piece that broke off the 
tip when it hit a bone.  Whoever did it had been trying for the heart, 
but they just knocked him out and he bled to death. 

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