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The Dog Who Loved Peas! (standard:humor, 149 words)
Author: LindaAdded: Mar 16 2002Views/Reads: 2245/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A rhyming story for children

The Dog Who Loved Peas 

I dropped some peas upon the floor, 

He licked them up and wanted more. 

I put a handful in his dish, 

"Here's more, dear dog, if that's your wish." 

From that day forth, he loved his peas. 

He'd beg and plead on bended knees. 

Peas just plain and peas with butter, 

"I want my peas," he'd yap and mutter. 

Dog food? Nope. Or bones? No way! 

He wanted peas most every day. 

He ate peas hot; he ate peas cold; 

He ate more peas than he could hold! 

His fur turned green and still he ate; 

I had to buy them by the crate. 

Peas for breakfast, peas for lunch. 

Frozen peas his teeth would crunch. 

I said to him, "You silly beast, 

Thaw them out before you feast." 

All day long he snacked and snacked 

He loved his peas and that's a fact! 


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