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Loves Taste (standard:other, 196 words)
Author: J. NicklausAdded: Apr 07 2002Views/Reads: 2013/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Love expressed as one of our five senses

Minutes and days separate us, 

Unrelenting miles butcher the closeness we share. 

A tepid heart stands as an unflinching Goliath, an obstacle even time
can't beat. 

What am I to do but crumble? 

Ocean spray dampens my cheeks though an arid desert surrounds me 

A broken heart lies not in shards, but in slivers upon a vacant soul,
Anethesatized by every possible emotional fallibility. 

Every wish pinned on a hope that waiting would pay handsome rewards. If
knowledge and harsh lessons they be, then it does indeed pay 

Curious thing about hope--it doesn't die. The smallest ember continues
to glow just out of reach of the approaching coldness of ash. 

Water removes oxygen, choking off a flames lifeline. Perhaps that is why
my hope continues to burn, for all the water that would have 
extinguished it has been outwardly exposed. 

My torn and tattered heart won't stop falling, no amount of emotional
coercion or mental arguement is able to dissuade it from its focus. 

It shall certainly be my undoing. 

Should I pass, would someone please tell Her, the most Beautiful girl in
the world... 

I can taste the tears 

© J. Nicklaus, April 2002


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