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Choose Life (standard:other, 540 words)
Author: MarshaAdded: Apr 08 2002Views/Reads: 2045/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
We are constantly making choices, often without consciously being aware of them.

CHOOSE LIFE by Marsha Jordan 

We are constantly making choices, often without consciously realizing

One of my favorite Bible verses begins with these three words: "Choose
for yourselves." (Joshua 24:15) Actually, You and I have just one basic 
choice to make in life and that is between right and wrong. This core 
choice will determine all other choices for us. 

When we choose between right and wrong, we're making a multitude of
other choices at the same time. We are choosing which results we want 
in our lives -- either happy blessings or not-so-happy consequences. A 
good choice can result in a peaceful, contented life or a life of 
trouble and sorrow. Ultimately, our choice between right or wrong is a 
choice of either eternal life with God or eternal separation from Him . 

At the ripe old age of 120, Moses realized he wouldn't live much longer,
so he gathered the people of Israel and instructed them on how to live 
after he was gone. In Deuteronomy, chapter 30, he reminded them that 
God had always provided for and guided them. He recalled many commands 
of God, urging all to obey them. He explained that choosing God brings 
fulfillment, blessings, and life; but choosing against God brings only 
emptiness, pain, and death. Verse 19 relates how God rejoices when 
people turn to Him with their whole heart and obey Him. 

In verse 15, Moses concluded with these words: "I set before you today
life and good, death and evil. I command you to love the Lord and walk 
in His ways . . . and the Lord will bless you . . ." Then in verse 19, 
Moses summed it all up saying, "Love the Lord and obey His voice. Cling 
to Him, He IS your life." And here's the part I love the best: " I have 
set before you today life and death, CHOOSE LIFE!" 

Who, if they had the chance, wouldn't choose life over death? Yet, we
unwittingly make choices that lead us down the path to "deathly" 
consequences. How, exactly, do we "choose life?" 

You don't have to be an anti-abortion activist to choose life. You need
only to DANCE: 

D etermine to know God better (read the Bible) 

A llow Him to have control of your life (give up your own ideas and

N ever stop learning what He desires for you 

C hoose to follow His plan (trust that He knows best) 

E xpress your love and gratitude for Him through obedience (do what He
asks of you) 

To choose life, we need to live by God's guidelines. I need frequent
reminders, so I read the Bible often and memorize verses. (Deuteronomy 
31:6 is a good one for starters). The more our minds are filled with 
God's words, the more they will influence our thoughts, decisions, 
actions, and choices. 

As we travel through life, I pray that we'll all make the right choices.
Choose God over the world. Choose the Bible over Miss Cleo. Choose 
giving over striving to get. Choose forgiveness and love over 
bitterness and hate. Choose truth, love, and light. 

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." (John 14:6) Choose

Choose LIFE! 



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