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Teacher - My Friend (standard:non fiction, 1717 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Apr 28 2002Views/Reads: 2533/1388Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story based on some true life classroom incidents in this society.

Teacher - My Friend 

By Du Zhengdao 

For Mr. Loh C.T., Jeremy Koh, Lucas Lim, Stacy Tay, fellow editors &

~ Foreword ~ 

Jerome lives in a world in which where all he faces is the solid wall
that surrounds his room. He does not like to interact with anyone 
except his family members. He has no close friends, due to the fact 
that his parent restricts him of his freedom. Being unable to make 
friends, Jerome changes from a cheerful teen to an unhappy teen, in 
just a turn of weeks. 

In school, all he did was, to face the teacher, not interacting with
friends and classmates. He had to obey the instructions given by his 
parents – being controlled. That has saddened him, and thus, creating a 
mental block in his brain. 

Unless he is able to find someone to talk to, he would go mad soon... 

This is his story. 

~ Chapter 1 ~ 


Every weekday morning, Jerome would go to school as usual by bus. After
reaching school, he would proceed to the canteen and sit at one area of 
the canteen taking out a book to read until it was time for the flag 
raising ceremony. After the ceremony, he would proceed to class with 
his classmates as usual. 

In class, he would sit at the far end towards the windows, as he did not
like to interact with the classmates around him. Even during class 
discussions, he would seek the teacher for permission to work on the 
assignment alone. This made the subject teachers feel a bit uneasy. 

Despite the teachers trying to consult him and having him attend the
Civics and Moral Education lessons, nothing could take effect on him. 
From the subject teachers’ point of view, he was a quiet, polite and 
hardworking student. Even when the other students are creating a little 
havoc in class, he would act as normal, still being able to concentrate 
as if nothing had happen before. No one, not even the teachers could 
remove the ever expanding mental block in his brain, all they expect is 
for him to be left alone. 

At home, he is imprisoned, being unable to enjoy freedom. His parents do
not allow him to wander on his own, unless he is able to supply a 
logical or valid reason. Both Jerome and his brother are close to each 
other, despite minor conflicts occurring at times. 

Even though he favours being alone, he has a hobby. Jerome enjoys
reading. Whenever he comes home, he would quickly finish up his 
assignments, homework and revision before reading. This had helped him 
in his studies and gained his confidence in doing well academically, 
but not his ability to interact freely. 

As time flies, Jerome’s mental block problem has become more and more
serious and he talks neither to his parents nor his brother. Thus, 
nothing could be done to help him. 

A few months later, a few trainee teachers came to his school. By
chance, one of the teachers happened to teach his class English. So, 
the teacher approached him one day during a discussion session. 

“Jerome, why aren’t you joining your friends to work on ways to prevent
crime?” Mr. Khoo asked. 

“Mr. Khoo, I don’t feel comfortable mixing around.” came the reply from

“Jerome, is it possible for me to make an arrangement to talk to you

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