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Western Australia 2002 (standard:non fiction, 4366 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Apr 28 2002Views/Reads: 2145/1407Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This the follow up to Teacher - my Friend.

Chapter 1: Take Off 

The day before the flight, Jerome gave his travel stuff a final check
before turning in for the night. 

The next morning at around 6, he woke up a fresh and feeling excited. He
does his usual weekday routine of getting up, having a shower, brushing 
his teeth and having breakfast. And after which, he sets off to school 
with his father, Mr Lee, to school. Since this is his first trip by air 

After reaching the school, he meets his friends and his father sets off
to the Airport to wait for him. At about seven, the tour group gets 
ready for the photo taking session before moving off in the bus that 
will ferry them to the Changi International Airport. 

Upon check in at about half past seven, they were dispersed to roam with
their parents till five minutes to nine. 

After that, Jerome bid good byes to his aunt, parents and his beloved
grandmother. She loved Jerome more than anyone else. 

The group took a group photo before they entered the departure gates and
walk distance down to the flight entrance. 

On their way, he witnessed a few passengers who were late and sent using
golf-like transport to the flight-waiting centre. 

On the plane, Jerome sat with Lucas and Stacy. As for Zheng, he sat
behind with Alex and Sam. Both are his roommates for the trip. 

On the plane, the stewardess was very courteous and caring. For the
fact, he and his friends had an enjoyable and peaceful flight. 

Chapter 2: Perth 

After arrival, they boarded the coach and were on their way to king’s
park. There at the king’s park, they alighted and took a group photo. 
Also, they were just in time to witness a film making, but having to 
miss visiting Lake Monger and to look at the black swans. 

The temperature there is real cooling. After some sightseeing, they
proceed on to another part of the park. There lay a well-preserved tree 
trunk with the trunk portioned. It is known as one of the tallest tree 
in Australia. 

‘Hey guys why not lets take a shot of this long tree?’ asked Jerome. 

‘Sure, why not.’ Came the reply from Stacy. 

So both took a shot of the tree. After which, they proceed on to The New
Esplanade Hotel which they will be staying for two nights. 

After checking in at the hotel, the tour group gathered at the lobby of
the hotel and rushed to the London court area, where they bought their 
provisions needed for the trip. 

Next, the group proceed on to a nearby restaurant where they have their
dinner. They had a sumptuous dinner before doing an hour of souvenir 
shopping and returning back to the hotel. 

The next morning came with the morning sun emerging at 5 in the morning.
But as Zheng was staying with Sam and Alex, he woke at about 6 in the 
morning despite the bright sunlight shinning indirectly into their 
hotel room. 

They took turns to get themselves done before getting down to the lobby
together and set off for the adventure that awaits them. They went up 
the coach and Zheng sat next to Jerome. Both were quite close friends. 

As the day sets off, they were off to a nearby restaurant where they
have their breakfast of some Tim Sum. 

After that was about an hour’s ride onboard the coach to Fremantle.
Along the way, the coach was filled with laughter and enjoyment. In the 

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