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Fear incarnate (standard:horror, 197 words)
Author: CragAdded: Apr 29 2002Views/Reads: 2357/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Think fear.

You know that feeling when your scared or confused and you don't know
why, well let me tell you why...maybe it happens after waking up after 
an afternoon nap, or just walking into a new room, or at any time,    
Totally      Random      Feaaar.... 

You see, you are special, you are like no other person, when you think,
it all becomes real, everyone around you is there because you thought 
of them, you are the one,   You   Control   It   Allll... 

So be careful not to think bad thoughts, you might make them happen, and
one day it could be  Yooou... 

So why are you scared ? you are scared because you think the person
writing this is a bit, well ,unstable, you'd be right, because remember 
everything you think....   is    Reaaal. 

So I'm real now, you made me ! 

I'm were you think I am, that place, that place in your head......dark,
fearful and without remorssssse.., run ... while you can, to that safe place in your
head, bright, warm and open, with marshmallows and blue berry pies.. 

and remember....... happy thoughts make happy people. 

..well, so "they" say, 

"they" being the voices..........aaaaa the voices......tee hee !


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