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Amavimus, Amamus, Amabimus (standard:drama, 4129 words)
Author: SantuAdded: May 01 2002Views/Reads: 2676/1688Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Death comes for us all. Here is a story about one such incednet. All I ask is a word back so I can improve. enjoy.

Amavimus, Amamus, Amabimus 

“Moooom. Alex is making funny faces at me”, Said the little girl in
pigtails looking crossly at her brother who was trying hard to make his 
face a long as possible for his sister, “make him stop. Moooom”. 

“J. D. will you please stop bothering your sister for god sake! Isabelle
just ignore your brother honey”, said the Typical soccer mom in her 
early thirties. 

This is the scene in the back of a mini van rolling through the suburbs
of Ushaia. But I suspect this is the scene is common in every 
automobile with more than one child. A brother and a sister trying 
their best to annoy each other. But most of the time they succeeded in 
annoying the adults more than the sibling. Basically they were a 
typical set of preteen kids with too much energy with nowhere to put it 
in a confined space. 

Angela Scott loved children. But at that moment she was whishing she
said NO the second time around. She looked in the rear view mirror with 
such a look that both sat up straighter. J.D. short for Jack Dempsey 
(only kid in the world to have a surname as middle name of total 
stranger) knew that rare look from their mother and didn't want to 
press his luck because he had a succor tournament coming up.  And 
knowing his mom she would not hesitate to ground him. Further he knew 
that his father couldn't do anything if his mom really was angry as she 
looked. J.D. was anything but typical. He was gifted with the same 
solid feature of his father. Straight nose, high cheek bones and strong 
jaw line all exact copies of his father. His disposition tended toward 
stoic, but had his mother engaging smile. 

Angela Scott loving wife, mother of two, freelance writer, and president
of various local charities caught a glance of herself in the rear view 
mirror. She had long dark hair that cascaded in waves and a bright 
smile that engaged anyone who was lucky enough to glance at her. She is 
what is known as a classic beauty. Nothing artificial or made up. She 
is simply and undeniably beautiful. To add to her good looks she was 
gifted with an earthy disposition and ready smile for everyone. That 
made anyone that met her warm up to her instantly. 

Angela noticed all the little signs of aging and wondered how in the
world she ended up here. In high school and college she was nothing but 
a free sprite.  She would have been the last one to sit behind the 
wheel of a mini van with the two small occupants in the back. Anyone 
who knew her back then would swear that that free spirited and flaky 
girl and this women were not the same. Boy life dose take some weird 

She absently touched her face which had the beginning signs of small
creases near the eyes and the corners of her mouth. Of course like all 
women small imperfections are blown way out of proportion in her mind. 
She also realized that it was getting harder and harder for her to 
retain her weight and size. Everything she ate seems to add about a 
pound for every bite. And with two kid and a husband who absolutely 
refused to grow up left her with little or no time left to take care of 
her looks as she used to. 

“Its all your fault Walter”, said Angela to herself rather crossly. “If
you didn't want to get married I'd be somewhere like Paris or Rome 
working on my book.  Instead of honey do this honey do that. Mom this 
mom that. And of course this morning was all his fault too. Staying out 
with the boys indeed! Well... maybe I over reacted he dose work hard. 
But I am not going to apologize. He should have apologized instead of 
trying convince me that once in a while boys just need to be boys” 

And like most women, Angela Scott, blamed her male counterpart when all
else fails. 

“mom are you talking to yourself again” asked the pretty little girl.
Her name is Isabella Antoinette Scott. Unlike her brother, Angela saved 
her from having a surname for a middle name. If it was up to her father 
she would have ended up with something like Jordan or worse a dead 
boxer's name like Rocky Macciano. She had her mother's looks and for 
better or worse her father's cheeky disposition. She had bright smile 
long dark hair like her mother and her farther twinkling eyes that was 

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