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Sunny's Story (standard:adventure, 1501 words)
Author: DREAMERJJAdded: May 06 2002Views/Reads: 2082/1235Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
adventures of a horse named Sunny and his friends....Part one

Chapter 1 

I was running as fast as I could, my heart pounding in my 

chest. Our mare was about to foal and I didn't want to miss a thing. 

Rather than waste time to open the gate I climbed over the fence and 

jumped to the ground. As I landed I felt a searing pain rush through 

both of my ankles. I paid no mind and hobbled to the barn door. Mom was 

there and motioned for me to slow down and be quiet. I was real excited 

about this foal, as it was to be mine. Little did I know then that this 

foal would be part of my life for so long! 

It was nearing midnight. Candy was restless and stomping her 

feet, wanting to lie down. The contractions were stronger now and her 

time was near. Finally, as her milk began to run, she lay down to give 

life to my new friend.  Within a few minutes the front legs appeared. 

His tiny muzzle was just where it was suppose to be, between his 

knees. With another contraction more of his legs and the rest of his 

head appeared. Next the most difficult part of the birth was for his 

shoulders to be pushed out. Candy rested for a moment then the final 

effort was made and the shoulders were clear and the rest of his body 

slid free. Candy lifted her head and nickered the softest and most 

loving sound that I have ever heard.  The miracle of birth is something 

to behold and I will never forget how I felt when I saw Sunny for the 

first time. 

Sunny was the color of the sun, with a white blaze down his face, and 

two white stalking's. He had the longest legs that I had ever seen and 

bright hazel eyes. I was so proud of him and wanted to show him off to 

everyone, but Mom reminded me what time it was and there was school 


I looked longingly at my Mom hoping for a few more minutes with 

Sunny but knew that I had pushed my luck far enough, so I walked 

slowly back to the house and thought of all the things that I would do 

with my new horse. Sleep did not come easily the night of June 15 

1971,but I didn't mind. I knew it was the excitement of the new foal 

and all the responsibility that went with it that kept me awake. 

The next morning I was up early and dressed in a flash, I ran 

out the door to see my new horse, and to make sure that it was not just 


He was drinking milk from his mother and stopped for a minute 

to look at me. I was so in love with him that nothing else in the world 

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