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Dreamlover (standard:mystery, 2446 words)
Author: DREAMERJJAdded: May 09 2002Views/Reads: 2048/1348Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Story of a girl who has a ghost as a visitor but only thinks that it is a dream.....

Chapter 1 

The fire cracked softly and lit up the room in a golden glow. The warm
air  felt good on my skin. I was sleeping lightly as I felt his 
presence near me . His breath was sweet and hot on my neck, his lips 
tender. His fingers gently caressed my shoulder and traced their way 
along the curve of my ribs to my hips. No words were spoken, yet,  I 
knew  who it was that was entering my dreams. He had been there before 
and was I expecting him again although I never knew when  he would 
arrive. You see, he is my dream lover, the perfect man, my soul mate. 
Our skin touches and melts together, his caress ever so gentle, our 
bodies intertwine in a lovers embrace, his pulsating shaft enters me 
and I gasp in my sleep, the dream is so real . I feel myself giving and 
accepting all the he can give.  The temperature in the rooms seems to 
rise as I perspire freely, I feel his skin against my body and begin to 
believe that it must be really happening. My orgasm wracks my body and 
leaves me breathless, my heart beating at a tremendous speed. I am 
helpless and find it hard to separate the dream from reality. His 
muscles are firm and glisten with moisture, he takes me in his arms and 
holds me close. I cling to him with my legs wrapped around his. His 
thrusts becoming more intense, his muscles stiffen as he explodes 
inside of me, calling out my name in his finale thrust! 

I open my eyes and find myself wet with the resent dream and wonder
again if it was real or not ? I lay there quietly and  try to 
understand what was happening to me. Was it just a dream ?  Was it 
possible that someone was really there and had slipped away before I 
awoke ?  Was I so lonely that I would dream of a lover who was the 
perfect man for me ? Was I that pathetic?  As I was thinking these 
things over I pulled the cover over myself and drifted off into a deep 
and dreamless sleep. The embers burned low in the fire place.. 

I was mad at myself as soon as I heard doorbell ringing.. I knew that I
was late and Cheryl was at the door wondering why I was not ready to go 
to work ... Cheryl picked me up every day at 8:00 am and this was the 
second time this week that I was late . We both worked at a local group 
home in our small town and  we car pooled with each other. I opened the 
door to let her in and told her to poor the coffee and I would be ready 
right away. As I was having a quick shower she peeked in the door and 
asked me if  everything was ok ? " "Yes" I replied,  but I knew that 
would not stop the inquiries that easily,  she knew me to well ! "You 
Look rough , where you out last night to the bar ? " She asked. "No,  
not at all" I said, I just didn't get much sleep last night, just 
restless I guess. "Oh   I see , well you had better get a move on or we 
will be late again" "Ok "I said  "I'll be right there ".. "You need to 
take something, if you are not sleeping well at night, have you called 
the Doc. Yet ? She asked? "No!, I'll be ok , I don't need to see no 
doctor ! " Ok then!, I was just worried about you, that's all ! Cheryl 
had my coffee ready for me and I grabbed a sip as I was getting 
dressed. Cheryl and I  had known each other since we were in 
kindergarden. She was was in tune to how I was feeling and what I was 
thinking . I had to really put on a show that everything was ok so that 
she would back off with the questions, and I thought that I was doing a 
pretty good job. We got out the door and headed to work in her new 
grand am. I avoided her inquiring looks and tried to steer the 
conversation away from my personal life. We arrived at work, just as 
the last shift was getting ready to leave. We shrugged off a few dirty 
looks from them and set out to do our tasks for the day. The group home 
that we worked in was bright and cherry with lots to do, this helped me 
to take my mind off my weird dreams. A quarrel broke out amongst the 
women in the house and it took both of us to separate them! One of the 
ladies wanted the other ladies  magazine and tried to grab it from her. 
Finally things settled down with the women shaking each others hands 
and agreeing to share the magazine. The rest of the day went quickly 
with little time for Cheryl to ask me more questions about why I had 
not slept well. The drive home though was another story. "So tell me 
why you are not sleeping well ?" Cheryl asked as she started the 
engine. I looked at her and said " You are not going to leave this 
alone are you?" "No", she said,  with a small laugh. "Well I really 
don't want to talk about it right now ok ? Just some weird dreams 
that's all.", (at the same time I wondered to myself if they really 
where dreams ? ) Well you  know that I am here for you, if you need to 
talk ! Thanks Cheryl, I am glad that you are such a good friend, I will 
tell you about it sometime, just not now .... The rest of the ride home 
we talked about what we would be doing on friday night, weather or not 

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