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A Small Elephant (standard:poetry, 129 words)
Author: MonoufoAdded: May 11 2002Views/Reads: 2047/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about an elephant, with a good message. A must Read!! Great for children, too! Might need an edit or two for young kids, but I'm not willing to do that myself. I will not edit it for ANYBODY. I have integrity.

There was a small elephant, 

Who had a great gift. 

When others lack merriment 

He could give them a lift. 

But, even though he could do this, 

The rest of the elephants 

Treated him like piss. 

Wow!  What little sentiments. 

All day they would play a game 

And give each other a hug. 

But when the small elephant came 

They pretended he was a bug. 

Then one day, he talked to a wise elder. 

“You've been by yourself without a friend 

Why don't we have a chat together?” 

And with that, his loneliness came to an end. 

The wise elder told the others he was nice, 

So, they decided to include him in the fun. 

No longer were they all cold as ice. 

The days of prejudice were done. 


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