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At the Brink (standard:poetry, 162 words)
Author: greeneyesangAdded: Oct 15 2000Views/Reads: 2257/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Insanity at its peek

I use to take 

A razor blade 

To my vein 

See the blood flow 

Free from my wound 

Anger flowing 

Blood is dripping 

No other feelings at all 

Pain is no more 

Fear is dissappeared 

Anger is all 

That I know how to feel 

Razor blad is sharp 

Buldge in my vein 

Now my hurt is gone 

Tears no longer appear 

Slicing my vein 

Making a scar 

Blood draining 

Relief at last 

Opened up 

Wanting to close 

Not trying to die 

Only a statement 

In the making 

Popping pills 

To sleep it off 

Only to get sick 

Just left alone 

Is all I want 

Leave me alone 

Am I asking too much 

I'm not trying to die 

Not in the least 

Just leave me alone 

Leave me in peace 

I love the fact 

I scare you to death 

You don't see 

The rush I feel 

I'm not trying to die 

Not in the least 

Opening my vein 

Is my new found peace 


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