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An Ancident That Changes My Life Forever (standard:other, 483 words)
Author: JugheadAdded: May 15 2002Views/Reads: 1875/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One of my favourite stories...

The sight of the baby petrified me. He was grotesquely disfigured. His
soft and smooth chest had been slashed haphazardly by a pen knife and 
his plump beck was blue, indicating that he had been strangled by an 
object. What amazed me most was that some scratch marks had been found 
on the cupboard wall, where the baby was found. It was evident that the 
baby had tried to struggle for his life till his last breath. 

The news of the eight-month-old toddler's tragic death not only grieved
the Aames family, but also everybody living in our estate. Jeremy has 
instantly become our obsession since his arrival. His ability to make 
funny gestures in ourder to get our attention was impressive. He made 
me laugh till my sides ached and like any other toddler, his actions 
bore innocence, which we could not imitate at all. The cold-blooded 
killer must have been crzay to select Jeremy as his victim. 

Since then, I had changed my perspective towards children. I would never
let another tragedy like the murder of my neighbour's toddler happen 
again. Mother was intially vexed over my changer of attitude, but never 
questioned me about that. When she gave birth to my youngest brother, I 
was the only one among the four siblings who volunteered to change his 
nappies, feed him with the supplementary baby food and even cuddle him 
to sleep. 

My fondness towards babies soon turned into obsession. By the time I was
thirteen, I had made up my mind to become a nurse when i grew up later. 
My ability to have mutual bonding with children and my knowledge on how 
to make them stop crying and be cheerful again gave me an easier path 
towards my ambition. Babysitting became a routine to me in my secondary 
school years. 

After graduating from secondary school, I applied to several nursing
schools in Singapore. The fact that all schools accepted me to be part 
of their communities was not amazing, for I had rich working 
experiences in the past. Furthermore, some parentswho had been 
impressed by my excellence in taking care of their children had written 
to The Daily Post to recommend my service. My four years in Rose Mary 
Nursing School was a breeze and I graduated as one of the top ten 
students who had the priviledge to receieve our ceritificates from the 
Prime Minister. 

I am now working in St Monica Hospital as the chief of the nursing unit.
For the past twenty years, I have been receiving 'thank you' notes from 
my patients and interviews by the health magazines are inevitable. I 
must admit that I really enjoy my career, but what makes me complacent 
most is the secret of my success, in which I will remained tight-lipped 
till my last breath. 

It is my guilt over killing the baby of the Aames family twenty-five
years ago.


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