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Scott and Amanda (Part 1) (standard:romance, 2186 words)
Author: Lurking AvatarAdded: May 20 2002Views/Reads: 2058/1248Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is my first attempt at writing a short story. It's about two kids, Scott and Amanda. This story is fiction, but based on typical stories of kids growing up and what they do. This first part only goes up to the 6th grade, but more may follow depending

In the Beginning 

Scott and Amanda were two average American kids. They grew up in a
normal sized city and went to a normal school. Both were only children, 
so they of course got to be a bit spoiled. But nonetheless bot of their 
parents were the best in the world. 

They both were born the same year and were in the same grade in school.
The kids had been friends even before they started school, their 
parents knew each other from their own school years and had even worked 
with them at the same company. 

Kid Stuff 

Both Scott and Amanda were normal children. When they were young they'd
visit each others houses and celebrate each others birthdays. But it 
wasn't until they started school that they really got to see each other 

In the first grade both kids had been placed with the same teacher, Mrs.
Stevens. Mrs. Stevens was a newer teacher to their school, so didn't 
know all of the tricks kids could play. Scott, being an instigator, had 
to cause mischief. So him and the other boys in the class put chalk in 
the teachers eraser on the first day of school, something he had 
learned from his babysitter who was a bad, but trustable teen in 8th 
grade. Everybody had a good laugh, including Mrs. Stevens. Amanda 
didn't want to take part in these activities, because she was shy and 
never wanted to cause trouble. But she did think it was funny, so she 
laughed with everybody else whenever something funny happened. 

After School 

When they started first grade, their parents decided that Scott could go
to Amanda's house after school, since her mom was always home in time, 
being a big  shot manager and all. Scott didn't really mind. Heck, 
anything is better than a baby sitter who was always on the phone and 
couldn't even help him tie his shoes. This way they'd both have someone 
their own age to play with. So the first weeks went fine, they got 
along fine. They  played games like Hide and Seek, Twister, Board 
Games, and of course, Doctor. 

Since Amanda's mom was always busy on the phone or computer scheduling
meetings and luncheons, they had a lot of time to be alone in Amanda's 
room. They used this time to play "Doctor." This was before they knew 
it was "dirty;" they just knew it was a lot of fun that had to be kept 

For the first couple of school years, they played doctor every day after
school. Amanda had a play doctor kit she had gotten for Christmas one 
year. They used it to examine the other one. It would usually start by 
Scott laying down and Amanda examining him; listening to his heart and 
breathing, and then it would move on to him taking off his shirt, 
pants, and then underwear and letting Amanda's cold hands explore and 
feel his body. Then it'd be Amanda's turn. Scott would do the same 
thing to her until she too was completely naked and being felt by 
Scott's hands. 

They both enjoyed doing this because it felt good and because they got
to explore the unknown, something that didn't happen in every day life. 
It wasn't for Sex, or for Love. They didn't really know what love was, 
they just liked to have innocent fun, fun that would create memories 
that lasted a life time and would prove to help them in the future. 

Growing Up 

Their After School fun stopped Scott and Amanda entered Fourth Grade,
and Scott's parents felt he could stay home by himself for the few 
hours until his mom got home. 

Scott and Amanda didn't miss being with each other every afternoon. They
had met more friends as they grew up and entered new grades with new 
teachers, new projects, new homework, and new interests. 

Scott liked sports, specifically baseball, which was popular for all of
the other guys his age. So he started staying for after school baseball 

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