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Blessed Be (standard:drama, 776 words)
Author: VelvetyseAdded: May 23 2002Views/Reads: 2141/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Life can change in an instant...

Blessed Be 

Light. Bright. Uuuugh. My head is killing me. What is that smell? Gross.
Open eyes, I can't see a thing. Ooh, hurts, all over. What? Beep, beep, 
beep...shh, squeak. What? Oh, A cool hand, thank you, that's nice. 
Where am I? Open eyes, please. Daddy? What? Move lips, say something. 
What happened? Daddy? Oh, you look so tired. Oh don't jerk like that, 
it moves the bed and makes my head hurt worse. That's not my voice. He 
looks so tired. Why am I here? A Yes, that's it. A 
hospital room. Four white walls, blue curtain, pretty color, soft 
pillow. Why can't I move my body? Move, body, move, mooovve, now! Calm, 
calm, calm down. Mustn't freak. There's always answers. Soft voice. 
Daddy? Daddy...Deep breath, hurts like fire , ooww ... What ... 
happened? Tears? Why tears, Daddy? Tell me, please! Honey, thank God, 
your awake. Oh God, honey, there was an accident... Accident? What 
accident? I don't remember. Tell me? FLASH 

A car, no a van, no it's a car. Eric, you're hilarious. Yes, it was
great when he spilled it on her. Eric's great. He has the greatest 
laugh. He's driving well. Carefully, but not too carefully, as he 
always does.  Oh, but he looks so darn cute in that tux. I'm glad he's 
mine. Anne, Etienne, you guys are looking so good, even after all the 
dancing. Yeah, it was a great Prom, one of the best. My second with 
Eric. Anne, you didn't spill anything on your dress did you? Whoa! Turn 
off your brights, man! Guy's an idiot, Etienne says. Yeah, I agree. 
Your boutonniere's drooping, sweetheart, let me grab it before it comes 
off. Whoops! Sorry, sharp pin. Can we turn up the music? Yeah, great! 
Oh, thanks, Anne, I didn't even notice it coming out. Sorry, had to 
yawn. Late night. There's a party? Where? Oh, yeah, let's go! No 
drinking? That's good. Dinner was great, though the waiter needed mucho 
help. Wow! Look at those stars! Some really bright ones tonight. Oh! A 
shooting star! Here, take that road, left, Eric, left. Who's giving the 
party? Amy Lee? Cool. She is way cool. Turn off the cooler, Eric, it's 
cold. Stop laughing you two in the back! I'm always cold. Oh, I'll get 
you back for that, ‘Ienne. ‘Nother car coming, hopefully he'll turn his 
brights down. Hey, Anne, do you have the water bottle? Those trees are 
gorgeous in the morning you know. Eric watch out! Oh God, he hit us! 
Eric! Help me! Errriiicc! FLASH 

Oh God! What happened? Someone hit us! Why tears, Daddy, why tears? We
were being good, I swear, I swear. No drinking, no drugs, just fun. We 
had the music up and I was laughing with them. NO! Don't want that! 
Leave me ‘lone! Daddy, what happened? Move body, why can't I move? Go 
‘way, lady, leave me'lone! Daddy, Daddy, please. Work voice, say words, 
work better! What happened? Tell me! Daddy, please. Where's Eric?! 
Where're the others? We didn't do anything bad! God! The tree! The big 
Suburban! Eric jerking the wheel to escape the swerving truck! Eric! 
No! Daddy, what happened! Tell me! Honey, I'm sorry, but it was bad. 
Where's Eric? Where're the others? Tell me! Stop it! Go ‘way, leave me 
ALONE! Where's Eric? Don't make him leave! Daddy! Eric jerking the 
wheel to get away from the truck! The tree! Watch out! Oh God, he hit 
us! Help me! Eric! No! Where's Eric?! He can't! Oh God, please, 
no! He can't be! Where're the others? Daddy, where's Eric? Please, tell 
me! Honey, shh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, so sorry. The truck was going too 
fast, the guy was drunk, I'm sorry, Eric couldn't avoid it fast enough. 
Honey, I'm sorry, he's gone, I'm sorry. Gone? My Eric gone? Died? Dead? 
No, no, no, nononononononono, oh God, NO!! Why? Why? Where're Anne and 
‘Ienne? Are they gone too? Oh God, no! I don't believe you! NO! I'm 
sorry, honey, I'm so sorry. Oh God! Not Eric! Honey, Anne and Etienne 
are fine, bruised and cut, but fine. You hit a tree and you went 
through the windshield. Through? But my seatbelt was on. Eric! Don't 
leave me! Don't leave me alone! Honey, the doctor says you've been 
paralyzed, I'm sorry, so sorry. Stop saying that! I'm not paralyzed, I 
can move. Go ‘way, you idiot woman! Leave me ‘lone! I want Eric! I 
don't believe you! Eric, don't leave me alone! Eric? Honey, I'm sorry, 
he's died. Nononononono! NO! GOD NO!  You said you would never leave 


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