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Room of Horrors (standard:drama, 1607 words)
Author: G. MillerAdded: Oct 16 2000Views/Reads: 2378/1424Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What started out as a great day with my "special" lady, turned out to be less than great as we entered that Room of Horrors. The memories of that day will remain... but for how long?

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as well as I was. But I thought that she looked just fine, but my head 
was feeling light again. I was beginning to feel dizzy. I was beginning 
to feel terrified that I would never get out of this room. I would be 
trapped here ... forever ... with these strangers, feeling queasy and 
getting more sick. 

I just wanted to run. I wanted to get past all these people and run back
outside ... back outside into the sun and the heat. But I didn't. I did 
not want her to know how I felt. I would try to fight these feelings. 
It wasn't easy, but I needed to be brave, or at least appear to be 
brave ... in her eyes. 

Those people, they kept looking at me. I knew they were laughing at me
inside their minds. I saw them look from me to her and I was sure they 
could see I was terrified. I hope they don't say anything to her. I'm 
trying so hard, but it's not easy. The feeling in my stomach and my 
head won't stop. Will I ever get out of here? 

For a moment I was upset with my special lady. Why did she bring me
here? None of this made any sense. It seems like we've been in this 
room for hours and hours. I need to get out, I thought, and I've got to 
get out ... now. I can't keep my feelings hidden forever. I wish these 
people would stop looking at me. Why can't they all just leave. They 
are talking about me and I don't like it. I wanted to throw them all 
out of the room. I want them gone. They don't belong here. I don't 
belong here. 

As if my wishes came true, at least one of them, the door opened again
and all those strange people left the room, but not before they looked 
at me one more time. I could see it on their faces as they were turning 
to leave ... they knew how afraid I was ... afraid of what else was 
going to happen ... of what was going to happen next. 

But as the door closed, it was just me and my special lady ... alone in
this terrible little room. She gave me a little smile. I was sure that 
she still didn't know how I was feeling. She thought I was special to 
her and I never wanted to change her thoughts of me. 

I thought that after all those strangers left, I would feel better ...
but that didn't happen. I got that light headed feeling again and 
thought I was going to be sick. I looked to her once again and this 
time I think I saw it in her eyes. She really did know how I felt. She 
may not have known the full extent of my horror, but she did know I 
wasn't feeling my best. I did my best to stand tall and return her 
smile, as best I could. The door opened again and I thought that more 
people ... more strangers would come into the room. There were no other 
people coming into the room. In fact, my best wish was coming true. We 
were leaving this room. Finally. I was going to get out of there. I 
never wanted to be in that room again... I'd never in my whole life 
been that afraid... 


It's said that facing your fears can make you a stronger person ... make
you a better person. Well, I think I understand that now. There is 
truth to that statement. But, even today, I still remember the fear I 
felt that day ... and I remember trying to be strong ... for my special 

I don't think I'll ever forget that day and I hope, in a way, that I
never do. Because, thinking back on that day ... that day thirty five 
years ago today ... I know now, as I knew then, that my special lady 
knew I was so very brave that day. That day, so long ago, when my 
special lady ... my mother ... took her two year old son on his first 
elevator ... and didn't let on that she knew just how afraid I was, but 
was right there with me ... to protect me... 

Thanks ... Mom ... 


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