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Room of Horrors (standard:drama, 1607 words)
Author: G. MillerAdded: Oct 16 2000Views/Reads: 2348/1405Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What started out as a great day with my "special" lady, turned out to be less than great as we entered that Room of Horrors. The memories of that day will remain... but for how long?

I can remember the events of that day so vividly. It's almost as if it
just happened yesterday. I still get a cold chill when I think about it 
... and I think about it often. While I don't make an effort to 
remember, it seems to come into my memory, many times when I least 
expect it. 

It was a hot August day, a sweltering day that seemed to put people in a
cranky mood for no reason other than the heat. I, too, was not enjoying 
the heat and hoped to be out of it as soon as possible. But, as it was, 
I had little control in where I was going. There was no shade to be 
found anywhere. There were no trees that would allow a shaded area 
where you could get out of the blazing sun, as there were at my house. 
I wished I could have been home at this very minute ... sitting in the 
shade, under that huge oak tree ... with something cool to drink. 

But going home at this moment was not a possibility and I would have to
go where I was being taken. I tried not to let my irritation with the 
heat show. I did not want to upset the very special lady that I was 
with at the time. I would simply try to put on my best face and not let 
her know just how uncomfortable I was. I could see it on her face too, 
that she didn't like the blazing hot sun. It seemed that we started 
walking even faster. She had a destination in mind that even I had no 
idea what it was. 

After a few more minutes, she turned and led me into a building. I don't
even know, even today, what the building was but it didn't matter. We 
were finally out of the bright sunlight. 

Had I known then of the upcoming terror ... the horrors that I would
soon be facing, I would have been eager to go back out into the bright, 
hot sunlight along with the unforgiving heat. But as we entered the 
building, I looked to my special lady and she returned my look, with a 
smile. I said nothing to her, nor her to me. It made me feel a little 
better ... and we were out of the heat. 

She led me into a room. It seemed to me to be the smallest room I'd ever
been in, but I was just so glad she was with me. We went further into 
the room, which wasn't too far since the room was so small. I thought 
we were going to be alone, but other people ... people I didn't know 
came into the room too. I thought this must be a special room that not 
everyone could get into. I thought this because someone was closing the 
door while still more people were running towards the room and they 
didn't get in. I looked again at my special lady and I giggled silently 
at the people that were not allowed in. She put her finger to her mouth 
and hushed me, telling me to be quiet. 

It was quiet in that small room. With so many people there, no one
talked to anyone else. I looked around for someplace to sit, but there 
were no seats in the room. I then had a very strange feeling. I began 
to get light headed and had a queasy feeling in my stomach. I didn't 
like feeling that way, but I said nothing. I didn't want anyone to know 
I was feeling bad ... especially my special lady. So I did my best to 
not show anything. I was getting more scared, since I never had these 
feelings before. 

I wanted to be out of this room, not liking how it made me feel. I
looked around at the other people in the room. Some of them looked at 
me, for a brief moment and looked away. Did they know how I felt? Could 
they see how upset I was? No ... they couldn't, I was hiding it. I was 
hiding it from all of them. Or was I... 

Someone opened the door and I thought that I was going to get out of
that room. That small room that seemed to be getting even smaller. But, 
instead of getting out of the room, even more people, more strangers 
came into the room. They looked at me. It was as if they were looking 
right through me ... then turning away. I knew they just had to know 
how I felt. The people, those strangers that had looked at me then 
turned away were whispering to each other. They were talking about me 
... I just knew it. I just hoped they didn't say anything to my special 

That feeling was coming back again. I didn't know if it would stop this
time. I looked around the small room, still feeling it was getting even 
smaller. I looked over at my special lady, wondering if she was feeling 
the same way. I could not see that she did, but maybe she was hiding it 

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