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The Beauties (standard:humor, 495 words)
Author: Lynda DoaneAdded: Jun 09 2002Views/Reads: 2142/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Short commentary of two very conceited females walking along a street observing people around them and making caustic remarks. The story takes a very surprising and humorous spin at the end.

They walked side by side, all decked out in their beautiful fur coats,
with perfect eyelashes and every hair in place.  When Darling and Honey 
walked down the street, all who passed them were transfixed by their 
beauty.  These two beauties, however snubbed their countless admirers. 

“Really, Dear,” It was Darling who spoke.  “Did you see that one?  I
mean where do some of these people find their clothes?” 

“I know.  That last one had not even combed her hair, for Pete's Sake.” 
Honey tossed her own gorgeous thick hair as she made the comment. 

The two friends strolled along the busy sidewalk comfortable in each
other's company.  As they sauntered along, people who passed them would 
smile.  Honey and Darling never returned the smiles, but kept their 
noses pointed haughtily in the air. 

“If I have to endure one more ‘Hi Darling,' I'm going to croak!” 

“Patience, My Dear.  Just keep moving and look straight ahead.  I
sometimes give them a cold glare as well.  That usually stops them in 
their tracks,” said Honey. 

The butcher was just ahead waiting for them, just as they had expected
him to be.  He handed each of them the anticipated prime beef and they 
went on. 

“Oh oh!  Darling, don't look now, but that terrible man over there is
coming in our direction.” 

“What does he want?  I'll bet he'll try to take our meat!  What are we
going to do?”  Darling was getting little scared.  These were not her 
kind of people and she had trouble dealing with them at times like 

“Just stay calm,” said Honey, “and remember what I said about the glare.
 This one has a bigger smile than most, so you may have to scowl at him 
as well, but hold your ground and don't let him know you're afraid.” 

Darling took her friend's advice.  She glared at the man rather than
turn and run.  His smile faded and he backed away. 

“Hey! It worked, Honey!  It worked!  He just went away and didn't take
our meat! You were right.  Oh! I'm so lucky to have you for my friend.” 

Honey didn't say anything.  She simply basked in the adoration her
friend showered upon her. 

They didn't concern themselves with traffic as they crossed the street. 
They understood very well that it was the responsibility of each driver 
to stop for them, and not the other way around.  As they stepped off 
the curb, they were once again proven right.  	All the cars screeched 
to a halt for them as they made their slow, easy journey across the 
street proudly showing off their beauty for all to gaze upon. 

As they reached the other side, Honey gave Darling a little kiss on the
cheek and said, “Here's where I turn.  Be safe, Darling and I'll see 
you again tomorrow.” 

“You too, Honey.  So long.” 

Wagging their fluffy tails, the two collies parted company with plans to
meet again the next day. 


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