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Funny Bunny (standard:other, 501 words)
Author: LindaAdded: Jun 12 2002Views/Reads: 8778/2517Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A rhyming story for young children. A bunny in a tree? How WILL it get down?

I saw a little bunny 

High up in a tree. 

What a funny little bunny 

To be up in a tree! 

I asked that little bunny 

Why he was in a tree. 

He said, "It's not so funny, 

I can't get down, you see." 

Then that funny little bunny 

Told this tale to me. . . 

It explains just how a bunny 

Was stuck up in a tree. 

"I went to bed and had a dream . . . 

It was all about a parrot. 

He was drinking from a cup of cream, 

And munching on a carrot." 

"I was very hungry in my dream, 

And asked that big bright parrot, 

Where he got his cup of cream, 

And where he found the carrot." 

He told me if I climbed a tree, 

I'd find a carrot there; 

I'd also find up in that tree 

A cup of cream to share. 

"Well, I didn't find a carrot, 

And I didn't find the cream . . . 

I wish that big bright parrot 

Had not been in my dream." 

I said, "Poor bunny, please come down, 

You had a silly dream. 

Carrots grow beneath the ground, 

And you need a cow for cream." 

Poor funny bunny looks so sad 

Stuck high up in that tree. 

He said, "The view is not so bad, 

But I'm not happy in a tree." 

"A bunny lives down on the ground, 

That's where I want to be. 

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