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an epicly beutiful heart (standard:adventure, 2638 words)
Author: Screaming MimeAdded: Jun 15 2002Views/Reads: 2078/2187Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
continuation to the odessy containg his son Telemicus

It has been many long years since Odysseus made his long and dangerous
journey. Odysseus lived in his house with is family and servants over 
looking over all he ruled. He and his dear Penelope had grown old and 
wasted away. Odysseus now looks as he did when Athena disguised him 
when he got back from his journey to Ithaca.  Telemachus has grown 
much. His beard has gotten long as his youth got shorter and is at the 
very strong age of 34.  Penelope had just passed on earlier that month. 
All of Ithaca had now come together to morn the loss of there strong 
mother. Telemachus is not ready for what is in store. 

It has been three weeks since the death of Penelope and Odysseus?s love
for her is as strong as it was when they met.  Odysseus has planned an 
enormous festival for her burial.  All the people have gathered if not 
for there own mourning but then for Odysseus?s.  The process in which 
the ceremony took place was a small ship was built out of the tree that 
Odysseus had carved into the bed. The boat was big enough for the body 
of Penelope and all the richest mounted on top. It was then covered 
with a vale and sent out to sea.  After this all the people went home.  
Hands now empty then from when they came with arms of riches.  The 
ceremony was over and al people had promised not forget Penelope and 
are just waiting for Odysseus?s time to pass. 

The sun was setting and Odysseus was sitting with Telemachus.  They have
been talking about many times passed and what lies in the future.  
Odysseus turns to his son and says ?My dear son Telemachus, for mother 
is gone now. You must know that I am going soon now too. My skin is now 
like a prune and my bones are feeble.  I am no longer afraid of Hades; 
in fact I embrace it. It?s humorous to think about how this is the 
second time I will be going. But I will be with your mother.? Telemicus 
is leaning on a tree branch.  He squints as he looks into the sunset. 
He stay silent for a moment then bows his head and says ?Father I loved 
mother just as much as you did, but I am afraid. Mother has gone and 
soon you and I still have no wife.  You two were lucky to find each 
other. Your love was so strong, I fear I can never find someone that I 
could be with and love as much as you did my mother.?  Odysseus smiles 
and laughs as he says ?my dear boy, you need not worry. You have our 
blood in you. You have the blood of a strong brave man and a trusting 
wise woman. I can see it you clearly, how use your wits and strength in 
a bond. Yes my son, you posses these aspects and excel in them for they 
are far stronger in you and then in your mother and I.  You just need 
you find it. Yes, a journey is what you need and crave I can see it and 
so can the gods. That is what we must do.? 

The two grown men looked at each other, and then Telemachus went off
with his friend Cirtus who wished him to join another hunt. ?May I use 
your bow again father?? says Telemachus. ?If you can string it, you 
can.? ?I can father I can! Exclaimed Telemachus joyfully. When mother 
died I proclaimed to myself that I must become as great as you father 
so I can earn myself a love as great as yours.? Telemachus had the bow 
already setting against a tree preparing to show his father.  He picked 
up the bow, raped one leg through the bow and string he was holding and 
the other stepped on the base of the bow. Then proceeded to string it. 
After stringing the bow he took a bow and positioned the bow upward 
towards the sunset over the ocean. ?I promise I will succeed and carry 
on our strong name and blood father? then let go of the string letting 
the arrow fly far off into the sunset. It flew until it could not be 
seen any more. He then proceeded and left his father alone at the 

Odysseus was just about to call on Athena when she appeared.  ?Your son
is a very nice choice for a husband.  He need not stroll far from home 
to find a woman so willing as to want to be his wife.? Odysseus brushed 
his hand through his long white beard and sighed; ? He has his mind set 
on their being only one true love for him.  I want to help him find 
that true love.  Can you help guide him?? Athena thought for a moment, 
?I can with the help of Aphrodite. The goddess of love is this best god 
to guide this quest. But to help you start the quest here is an emblem. 
Tell your son to be it and it will guide him in the direction of his 
true love. It will also let him be guided by Aphrodite and me in his 
quest. Take care my dear Odysseus.? With those words Athena vanished. 
Odysseus smiled for he knew that his son was in good hands and could 
handle himself on the sea. 

The ships were prepared and set sail a week later.  Telemachus had a
crew of twenty men and the greatest most beautiful ship in all of 

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