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Wrong Time, Write Place (standard:romance, 2360 words)
Author: J. ThaliaAdded: Jun 21 2002Views/Reads: 2046/1352Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of how Pete and Feliz met.

“Go ahead Pete, tell us how you guys met! We want to know!” Lisa

“Well, it's a long story, and it's sorta embarrassing,” Pete was
skeptical. “Ok, ok,” Pete gives in. “Well, it was about 2 years ago, 
and I had just gotten out of college. You know, I wasn't anyone 
special, no special diplomas, no famous actor, hell I hadn't even 
written a real book yet! I was just a homely little author with nothing 
really to do. I guess you could say I was just one of those blah 
mediocrities that cluttered the cosmos, if you will. So anyway, I 
hadn't really written anything and you know I was hurtin' for some 
cash. So I took this job at an Italian restaurant as a waiter. You 
know, the pay wasn't that great, but it was better than what I was 
making—nothing. So, I was a waiter and I was working one Friday night 
(our busiest night at the time) when in walks this drop dead gorgeous 
woman with some of there friends. The coolest part about that job was 
all the people I met. It was probably the hippest place to go to in 
Rhode Island at the time. Anyway, in walks this girl, she was so darn 
gorgeous that everyone, I mean everyone in the whole damn place turns 
to look at her as she walks in. As fate would have it, lucky for me, 
she's seated at one of my tables.” 

“Good evening,” I say. “Welcome to Mama Maria's, can I get you guys
something to drink?” I start as I always start. 

Naturally, they all order drinks and naturally, I go to the bar and get
them, allowing them time to decide what they want. So, I get back with 
the drinks, but the stunning woman isn't there. Her friends order for 
her, saying she just rant to the bathroom. I scribble the orders on my 
pad, and I start heading towards the kitchen with the order, when she 
bumps into me. 

“Oh I'm so sorry,” she says. “I didn't mean to, I'm very sorry.” 

“It's fine! It wasn't your fault.” I brush myself off, and she walks
back to her seat. I stare at her the whole time. I give the orders, and 
then go back to some other customers. 

“That's how you met?” Frank—Lisa's husband—protests. “That's pathetic,
she bumps into you, and you let her just keep going?” 

“There's more, there's more, Frank let the man speak!” Lisa whacks Frank
on the back of the head. “Keep going Petie” 

“As I was saying, we continued the night as usual, only with more eye
contact than normal. Later I found out that the woman was staring at me 
every time I wasn't staring at her,” Pete looks over at his 
fiancée—Feliz—who is sitting next to him. 

“Anyway, so the night was over, or at least my shift was. I went home.” 

“Excuse me for interrupting,” a man in his mid-forties walks up to the
group of friends. “I couldn't help but hear the beginning of your story 
sir, do you mind if I join you?” 

Pete looks at his fiancée, and then he looks at Frank, then at Lisa.
“Ok, sure, why not? Pull up a chair.” The man does just that. 

“Ok, my shift was over, so I went back to my apartment. I was lying on
my bed, thinking about the woman. And I got this idea for a book, my 
first book actually about this planet where—well, it doesn't really 
matter, it didn't really matter to the publishers either,” the 4 people 
that makes up his audience chuckle. 

“I know what ‘cha mean,” the newcomer says. 

“I thought of this great story, then boom!” Pete snaps. “I'm out cold. I
must have worked really hard that night; I think that was the best 
night's sleep I've had in years! So the next day, I had the day off, 
because of my working the previous night. I figured that I should start 
working on the thing I was going to give to the publishers about my 
newest revelation. I was working on it for about an hour and a half 
when I decide that I need some fresh air. So, I go to the park a couple 
of blocks away form my apartment. I sit on a bench and bring out the 
forms again. I look up from the papers, you know to see if there's 

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