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Half Awake (standard:poetry, 156 words)
Author: Michael H. SilvermanAdded: Oct 20 2000Views/Reads: 2379/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mysterious images appear, half-seen through partially-dreaming eyes.

Half Awake 

Deep the night of open fields 

all moonlit rue 

from tinted glass and glowing flame 

the starlight flew, 

in soft dissemination by 

the whispered coals 

vaguely drew the grace of 

these imagined souls..., 

Crackling in golden torrents, 

hard the fire clings... 

flaring from the gated grille 

an eerie wave of wings, 

butterflies of rosy ash 

that flicker, fade and die, 

invisible to science or 

the fully opened eye, 

followed as they leave a stream 

of scintillating dust, 

a pool of smoke and fire 

in the masonry and rust... 

the living heat that never speaks 

that lights the shadowed room 

pressed upon my cheeks 

reveals a seraph in the gloom, 

all of flame, a phoenix form 

with rolling wings of burning lace 

stirring from the embers 

of my intimate Decembers. 

Faltering I fail the strength 

to view the matter any length 

beyond what magic gleams 

in all my half-awakened dreams. 

- Mike H. Silverman  (c)2000


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